Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 149 - Qi Deviation

Chapter 149: Qi Deviation

“What!?” Lin Mu spoke out loud.

All this time, Lin Mu had been talking in his mind and the man that had brought him was standing at the side. But now that he had exclaimed, the man listened to it with wide eyes.

“Is there a problem senior Lin Mu?” The man asked with concern.

Lin Mu looked at Hei Yingjie again and saw that his face had become slightly pale. Without answering the man, Lin Mu extended his spirit sense and checked Hei Yingjie. What he saw had surprised him. The spirit qi that was faintly flowing was now raging.

The spirit qi core that was within Hei Yingjie’s dantian was now vibrating and leaking out wisps of spirit qi. Faint grunts were even coming out of his mouth. It had only been a couple of minutes between Lin Mu checking him for the first time and now. The man that was stable before had suddenly worsened. 

“What happened to him in these few moments?” Lin Mu wondered.

The man who had heard Lin Mu’s words now understood the context. He too turned around and saw the change in Hei Yingjie’s condition.

“What’s happening to senior Hei Yingjie?” He asked, feeling afraid.

“It’s bad, he’s having a qi deviation.” Xukong answered.

Lin Mu had heard about qi deviation from senior Xukong before, thus knew what it meant. He knew that when a cultivator’s cultivation base became too unstable or underwent damage, it could lead to qi deviation.

But what confused Lin Mu was the rapidness of it. Hei Yingjie while being injured was still relatively stable before.

“Seems like you probing his dantian with your spirit sense probably triggered his defensive instincts. But because he was injured and unconscious, it resulted in this.” Xukong spoke.

“So it’s my fault?” Lin Mu asked, feeling guilty.

“No, do not blame yourself. This should not have normally happened, I think this may be related to why his spirit qi core is so small.” Xukong replied in a stern voice.

“Alright, what do I do to help him then?” Lin Mu questioned.

“For something like this there are special alchemical pills, but we don’t have that option right now. You can only try to stabilize the raging spirit qi for now.” Xukong answered.

“Do I use the same method I used on Zhou Ye?” Lin Mu asked, feeling nervous.

“Yes, but it is still going to be difficult for you to do it alone. You will need the help of others, but first, you need to recuperate your own spirit qi quickly in order to help him.” Xukong replied.

Upon hearing Senior Xukong’s words, Lin Mu immediately thought of the spirit stones that he had. He had never used them and they were just lying in the ring. Using them would be the fastest way he could replenish his spirit qi.

“Tell the others to come to help you. They will need to supplement you with their spirit qi as well. If they rotate and do it in turns, you should have enough to maintain the supply.” Xukong added.

“Yes senior.” Lin Mu replied in his mind and turned to the man who was with him. 

“Call everyone quick, Hei Yingjie’s condition had gotten worse and now he is having a qi deviation. I’ll need everyone’s support to help him.” Lin Mu spoke with urgency.

The man’s eyes went wide as cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

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“R-Right away senior.” The man spoke and stumbled out of the tent.

While the man went to gather the rest of them, Lin Mu sat down and took out the damaged mid-quality spirit stones he had gotten from the hidden safe that was in the town head’s office. Since they were damaged and leaking out spirit qi anyway, Lin Mu decided to use them first.

Lin Mu held one of them in his hands and then started to absorb the spirit qi from it. He started chanting the severing heart sutra and in an instant, the spirit qi started being absorbed from the spirit stone into his hands.

The spirit qi entered through his palms and flowed into the meridians. It then traveled through the meridians and finally came to settle inside the Dantian. He kept on absorbing it for about a minute before the spirit stone crumbled in his hands.

All the spirit qi from the spirit stone had been absorbed, thus the spirit stone turned into dust. Lin Mu observed his dantian and saw that he now had around seven hundred wisps of spirit qi in his dantian. The damaged mid quality spirit stone had provided him with nearly six hundred wisps of spirit qi.

“The next one should be enough.” Lin Mu muttered.

And just as Lin Mu muttered that the flap of the tent opened and in walked the man he had sent to call for the rest. 

“Everyone is ready, senior. What are your instructions?” The man spoke, feeling nervous.

Everyone here was a cultivator, thus they knew how dangerous a qi deviation was. They were even more scared since it was happening to someone that was part of the higher corps and was a lieutenant in the Hei corps.

“Tell them to come in one by one and inject their spirit qi into you. Once their spirit qi is depleted, another person should immediately replace them and the previous one should go recuperate.” Xukong told Lin Mu.

Lin Mu inwardly nodded and turned to the man.

“I need them to supply me with spirit qi, while I help stabilize Hei Yingjie. They will switch after they run out.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Yes, senior we understand!” The others shouted from the outside. Evidently, they had listened to his instructions.

“I’ll be the first them.” The man that was in the tent spoke.

“Alright, let me finish replenishing my spirit qi first.” Lin Mu spoke.

The man felt a little confused at Lin Mu’s words as he thought that he needed them, as Lin Mu had no spirit qi of his own. But then his eyes went wide in shock as Lin Wu withdrew another mid quality spirit stone and started absorbing spirit qi from it.

In a minute he was done and spoke,

“Let’s start.”

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