Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 150 - Helping Hei Yingjie

Chapter 150: Helping Hei Yingjie

Lin Mu sat down beside Hei Yingjie and placed his hands on his heart and abdomen. The man who had chosen to help him first sat behind him and put his hands on his back with palms wide open. 

“I’m starting, be ready.” Lin Mu spoke one last time before starting.

“As you command, senior.” The man replied and focused.

Lin Mu guided out the spirit qi wisps from his dantian and channeled it through his meridians and out into his hands. He then pushed the spirit qi into Hei Yingjie’s body and followed the method that senior Xukong had taught him.

Lin Mu was also observing Hei Yingjie closely with the help of his spirit sense. He wanted to ensure that he wouldn’t miss something and make a mistake. Soon his spirit qi started to flow through Hei Yingjie’s meridians and merged with his own raging spirit qi.

Lin Mu felt pressure on himself as his spirit qi started merging with Hei Yingjie. His spirit qi was very strong and threatened to destroy his. Lin Mu had to put all his focus into it by chanting the severing heart sutra.

With great difficulty, Lin Mu was able to complete one cycle of circulation. But even then he could not see any difference in Hei Yingjie’s condition. His spirit qi was still ranging and damaging his meridians.

“Don’t stop and continue doing it. He’s at a higher cultivation realm than you, so it will take a while for his body to respond.” Xukong spoke.

Lin Mu silently nodded and repeated the same process. He would pour his spirit qi into Hei Yingjie’s meridians and tried to slow down the raging spirit qi. For over ten cycles, Lin Mu did not see any results or a difference in Hei Yingjie’s condition.

But when he completed another twenty cycles, he finally saw the difference. The ranging spirit qi had finally slowed down by a tiny fraction.

‘Alright, now I just gotta keep this up.’ Lin Mu thought with determination.

Lin Mu sensed his dantian for a moment and observed that he had depleted nearly forty percent of his spirit qi in just this time. Knowing that he won’t be able to keep this up and now needed support, he spoke up.

“Nows the time. Inject your spirit qi into me.” Lin Mu spoke.

The man didn’t say anything and simply started pouring his own spirit qi into Lin Mu. This man was also at the mid stage of the qi refining realm, thus had a maximum capacity of a thousand wisps of spirit qi. Currently, he only had seven hundred wisps of spirit qi as they hadn’t had the proper time to recuperate.

Still, this would be enough for Lin Mu. The man guided out the spirit qi wisps out of his dantian and injected it into Lin Mu’s back. From there, the spirit qi flowed into Lin Mu’s meridians and joined the spirit qi that was being channeled into Hei Yingjie.

In this manner, Lin Mu was able to supplement his own spirit qi with the other man’s. Lin Mu completed another thirty cycles and observed a little more improvement in Hei Yingjie’s condition. But his spirit qi stores had also reduced to seven hundred spirit qi wisps.

Even with the support of the man, the loss of spirit qi was still occurring. Lin Mu did not move his eyes from Hei Yingjie and just used his spirit sense to observe the condition of the man that was supporting him. He observed his dantian and saw that he had barely a hundred wisps of spirit qi left.

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“Switch, get the next person.” Lin Mu spoke.

“I’m here.” Before that man could even get up, another one of the members of the team walked in.

They switched and the process started again. This time Lin Mu was able to last for ten minutes before they had to switch again. They kept on rotating one by one and hours passed by. Lin Mu was now feeling incredibly tired.

Even the members of the Hei Corps had become exhausted. Their speed of recuperating spirit qi was not as fast as Lin Mu, thus they could only make do with whatever they recovered. The sky was now starting to brighten up and the faint outline of the sun could be seen in the distance.

Snow was already falling, so it would take a while before it got sufficiently bright. The clouds were thick and spread densely in the sky. Cold winds were blowing and from time to time the flap of the tent would flutter.

Hei Yingjie’s condition had greatly improved and was very close to being stable. The raging spirit qi in his meridians had smoothed over, and his core was no longer leaking any spirit qi. Lin Mu continued helping him for another hour and only stopped when his own spirit qi had fallen below a hundred wisps.


Lin Mu let out a breath and lifted his hands from Hei Yingjie’s body. He was no longer grunting in pain, and the color of his face had returned to normal. Lin Mu did another check and observed his internal condition. While the qi deviation had been alleviated to a certain extent, it was still not completely gone.

For the rest, they would have to leave it up to Hei Yingjie. His internal injuries were still present and would need some more time before they could be healed. Though the injuries that he had on his skin had now completely healed as a result of Lin Mu’s help.

The members of the Hei corps that had been supporting him all this while were barely holding themselves together. When the person that was currently supporting Lin Mu saw that he had lifted his hands from Hei Yingjie’s body, he knew that they were done.

“It’s fine now, we have done all we could. The rest is up to him.” Lin Mu spoke as he stood up.

Lin Mu left the tent and stretched his body. He had been sitting in the same position for a long time thus felt as if his body was all tensed up and there were knots in his muscles. Even with his eleventh stage body tempering realm physique, it was still harrowing for him to do such a task.

Lin Mu had effectively used the equivalent of the spirit qi of four hundred qi refining realm cultivators. With eight people rotating in shifts for a total of over fifty rotations, the qi that he had used in this night was the most he had ever used.

Lin Mu wanted nothing more than to sleep now and that’s what he had decided to do. The other members of the team had seen him the instant he had walked out of the tent, thus understood that they were now done. Lin Mu looked around and saw that most of them were recuperating their spirit qi and were sitting cross-legged in a meditative pose.


Lin Mu let out a sigh, rubbing his forehead and thought for a bit.

“I’ll go to sleep now. Inform me if anything happens.” Lin Mu spoke and entered his tent.

He withdrew the soft white bolster from his ring and put it down on the bedroll before he fell asleep.

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