Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 151 - The Calling

Chapter 151: The Calling

Lin Mu did not enter the Sleepscape this time. He was far too tired, thus he directly entered a deep slumber.

An unknown amount of time later, he was woken up by a voice that was calling out to him. Lin Mu opened his eyes and felt that everything was blurry. He could hear that someone was calling to him but could not clearly hear what they were saying except for his name.

Lin Mu tried to rub his eyes to clear his vision, but everything was still blurry. He was still sleepy and dazed, thus could not think clearly. He stood up and tried to look around. He saw a strange scene, everything was moving and the scenery would twist and turn.

Sometimes it would melt, and sometimes it would shatter. The scenes were blurry but he could sometimes make out some things such as mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans. Though in addition to these things, he also saw some strange spheres.

These spheres were of different colors and had different patterns and designs. Some were green with blue parts, some were green and brown, some were yellow, some were red, some were gray, some were white and some were even black.

Lin Mu continued following the sound of the voice that was calling him and walked towards it. The more he walked, the farther he got. The scenery which mostly showed him the mountains and rivers before was now only showing him those strange spheres.

The number of spheres could not be counted and were spread everywhere. No matter where he looked, he could see spheres of different kinds there. Lin Mu kept on moving, and slowly his vision was getting clearer. Eventually, he reached a point where some spheres seemed completely clear to him while some were blurry.

The voice contained to call Lin Mu, and it seemed to be guiding him towards a specific direction. Eventually, the voice got close and Lin Mu came to stand in front of a sphere that was covered in four colors. The four colors were spread around in the form of bands.

These bands were of green, blue, yellow, and dark gray colors. The green band was at the center of the sphere and seemed to be the smallest in size and covered around ten percent of the sphere. The band that was just below it was blue in color and seemed to cover around forty percent of the sphere.

The next band that was on top of the green band was gray in color and covered twenty percent of the sphere. The final band was below the blue band and covered the final remaining thirty percent of the sphere. Overall, the sphere looked like a playing ball to Lin Mu.

But at the same time, he felt as if the sphere was different. Lin Mu felt as if the sphere was much bigger than him, much, much bigger. Even though it was only the size of a palm right now, Lin Mu still felt as if it was as big as a mountain.

Lin Mu could not explain this storage feeling and felt conflicted. His perception was telling him that he was both small and big at the same time. Lin Mu now heard a strange noise. It was a whirring sound that sounded similar to a spinning fan.

“Lin Mu…” The voice called out to him.

Lin Mu looked around and could not tell where this voice was coming from. Before it was coming from a specific direction, but now it was as if it was coming from all directions at once. It made Lin Mu feel disoriented and even more confused.

“Lin Mu…” The voice called out again.

Lin Mu’s mind was finally starting to get a little clearer, and he could think further. Since he couldn’t sense where the voice was coming from, Lin Mu extended his spirit sense and tried to observe. But in a surprise to him, he could not command his spirit sense.

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It was as if his spirit sense was trapped in a box that was his head and could not get out, no matter how much he tried. Lin Mu kept on forcing and bashed on the box that was trapping his spirit sense. Ever since refining the spirit sense, he had gotten used to it and it had become like a new organ to him.

His spirit sense being restricted was incredibly discomforting to him and made him feel as if his freedom was being violated. He kept on bashing and bashing but could not break free. This was now starting to make him enraged.

What Lin Mu did not notice in his anger was that the sphere in front of him was getting bigger. It was expanding little by little. 

“NO! I shall not be restrained!” Lin Mu shouted.

Unknowingly Lin Mu started chanting the Burning heart sutra and the box that was trapping his spirit sense started to shake. Lin Mu’s spirit sense, which was in the form of a tendril previously started to slowly morph.

It started to grow and elongated. Even its thickness increased, and now it looked more like a tentacle than a tendril. But the change did not stop here, the spirit sense kept on growing and soon turned into a massive whip.

The whip was as thick as a tree and was the length of a few hundred meters. Under Lin Mu’s incessant chants, the whip started moving. First, it started moving from side to side and then started spinning. Eventually, it had gathered enough momentum and with a thundering crack it slammer on to the wall of the box.


The powerful whip faced little resistance as it shattered the box and made it crumble. But the whip did not stop as its momentum was far too great, it kept on going escaped Lin Mu’s mind. It moved at a great speed and slammed into the first obstacle that it met.

That obstacle was the four colored sphere that had been expanding and had now become the size of a large boulder. But unlike before the whip did not break this sphere, instead, it was attracted to it and was sucked into it, and along with it, Lin Mu was pulled in as well.

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