Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 152 - A Dream?

Chapter 152: A Dream?

As Lin Mu was sucked in, he realized why the sphere was expanding. In reality, it was not the sphere that was growing but Lin Mu himself that was shrinking. Only when he was being sucked did he feel the difference. His body felt as if it was being squeezed and compressed into a smaller size.

Still, this did not feel painful to Lin Mu and only gave him discomfort. While being sucked, his vision once again became blurry and he felt as if he was moving too fast to see anything. He didn’t know how much time passed but when he could see everything clearly, he had stopped moving.

Lin Mu looked around and saw that he was standing on gray colored ground and everything around him was empty. From one horizon to the other, all he could see was gray lands. The light was very dim and his surroundings could barely be seen. 

The only reason he could see the horizons was because of a strange glow that came from one of the horizons. This horizon would glow with seven different lights and would change around. The calling which Lin Mu was hearing from all directions was now calling him towards a particular distance again.

It was calling him towards the direction of the horizon. Lin Mu didn’t know what to do except walking towards it and that’s what he did. But something shocking happened once he did that. 

Lin Mu had expected that he would need to walk for a while to reach the source of the calling, but when he took a single step towards that direction the ground started shrinking. It was as if the horizon was folding and he was traveling forwards at a great speed.

As soon as Lin Mu’s foot touched the ground, he had reached a completely different place. While the ground here was still gray, there were some other things here, such as some gray mountains. Though the most eye catching thing was the seven colored glow that was coming from it.

Lin Mu looked at it and saw that the seven colored glow was coming from seven orbs of light that were floating above the mountains. These seven light orbs were arranged in a specific format. They were rotating in two circles, with two orbs in the outer circle and five in the inner.

The two orbs in the outer server were of two different colors. One was purple and the other was azure. They would spin in a circular orbit and left behind a glowing trail. This glowing trial took the shape of a circle and half of it looked purple while the other half looked azure.

The orbs in the inner circle were of five different colors. They were colored red, brown, yellow, blue and green. These five orbs too moved in a circular orbit and left behind a glowing trail of five colors that were respective to each orb.

Lin Mu felt mesmerized by them and could feel that the calling was coming from there, but as soon as he took another step everything started crumbling into dust. The mountains in front of him, the ground beneath him and the sky above him. 

He did not understand what was happening, but soon saw the dust that made from the crumbling world forming into a complex pattern. This pattern had concentric circles with a pentagram and a oval in it. Along with these shapes, strange letters and characters were also written in it.

This pattern shrank to the size of a palm and came to float in front of Lin Mu. Suddenly the pattern shone brightly and blinded Lin Mu. During this time when he was unable to see anything the pattern shrank even more and then imprinted itself on Lin Mu’s forehead.

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A moment later Lin Mu was able to see again and saw that the pattern had disappeared. Unknown to him, the pattern was currently sinking into his forehead and soon disappeared. He looked around and could not find it. Giving up on it he soon felt a strange tug on his body. 

The tug soon turned into a massive force and yanked him into himself. His body collapsed into himself and reduced to a small point which eventually shrank into nothingness, leaving behind an empty void.

When Lin Mu’s opened his eyes again, he saw a canvas roof above him. He felt the soft bolster below his head and the bed roll below his body.

“Am I back? So that was just a dream…” Lin Mu muttered to himself.


A few minutes ago, just as Lin Mu had shattered the box that was trapping his spirit sense and was subsequently sucked into the four colored sphere, Xukong was silently cultivating inside the ring. 

He had engrossed himself in his cultivation and from time to time one of the silvery Grey streaks that were shining in the sky would break into a stream of particles and be absorbed by him. These silvery Grey streaks were incredibly pure and condensed masses of spatial attribute qi.

After overseeing Lin Mu help Hei Yingjie, Xukong too wanted a little rest. And rest for him was nothing but cultivating. But he had never thought that he would suddenly sense the link between his avatar body and main body becoming stronger all of a sudden.

Xukong opened his eyes in shock as he sensed his main body.

‘What is happening, why did the link get so strong all of a sudden? It’s almost as it…’ Xukong thought and trailed off.

Then his eyes opened even wide as he realized something.

“It’s almost as if the world’s barrier does not exist!” Xukong spoke out loud.

He sensed his main body and tried to see if he could use its cultivation base, but just before Xukong could dig deeper into it, the situation passed. His link to his main body returned to its weak state again.

“What was that? Was that just a normal fluctuation in the void? Or… something more…”

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