Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 160 - Lin Mu's Idea

Chapter 160 – Lin Mu’s Idea

“Because the owner of the ability does not have control over it, they won’t be able to wake up and if the ability does not stop on its own, then they will simply starve to death,” Xukong added.

Lin Mu felt enlightened at this and started to think further on the idea that he had had. The gears and cogs in his head moved and a stream of ideas passed through it until finally, he had another doubt.

“You said that they end up sleeping for a long time, right? Then what was the longest time a cultivator has slept for and what was the shortest?” Lin Mu asked.

“Hmm… From what I know, the longest a cultivator was able to survive was about five hundred years while the shortest time in which one was able to wake up was six months.” Xukong answered as he jogged his memories.

“I see…” Lin Mu muttered as he now had a hand on his chin and was thinking deeply.

Lin Mu had completely forgotten about the dangerous incident that had happened a short while ago and was completely engrossed in his thoughts.

He stayed like that for two hours and the fire in front of him crackled. Lin Mu had Even forgotten about his hunger and could not think of anything except for what was going through his mind.

Finally, Lin Mu snapped out of his strange state and looked back at the end of the cave.

“Senior Xukong, I have come to a decision. You said before that I need to forge my own path and learn to take risks; that time has now come.” Lin Mu declared as a determined expression appeared on his face.

Xukong suddenly had a bad premonition and was actually dreading what Lin Mu was about to say. While he had indeed told Lin Mu to do that, this was proving to be rather unnerving to him, and couldn’t tell why. In all the countless years that he had lived, this was one of the handfuls of situations when he had felt nervous.

“And… what have you decided?” Xukong spoke in a calm tone that kind of seemed to be forced.

“I will learn and cultivate the technique that was created by the Lost immortal.” Lin Mu answered.

Xukong suddenly connected the dots and links started forming in his mind. He then realized what Lin Mu was probably thinking and was getting at.

“Don’t tell me you…” Xukong muttered.

“Yes, with the help of the lost immortal’s technique I will resolve the flaws of the ‘Well of Slumber’.” Lin Mu affirmed.

After confirming Lin Mu’s words, Xukong started doubting his own judgment. He wondered if he should stop Lin Mu right here and now, or should he let him proceed. But still, whatever he did, Xukong realized that they still did not know fully about the condition of the juvenile Great slumber bear.

“Wait before you go ahead, we still don’t know much about this beast. You saw it strange condition and we also know about the Invader. Unless we know the complete story, it will be immensely dangerous for us to proceed.” Xukong spoke in an urgent tone.

Hearing Senior Xukong’s words calmed Lin My down and enlightened him to the current situation.

“I apologize Senior, I was getting ahead of myself. I still need to learn a lot.” Lin Mu apologized.

Lin Mu didn’t apologize because he thought he had wronged senior Xukong, but rather because he realized that he was close to making a mistake which could cost him rather dearly.

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Xukong secretly sighed to himself and was relieved after hearing Lin Mu.

‘At least, he stopped fast enough.’ Xukong thought to himself.

Xukong stayed silent for a few seconds and thought over Lin Mu’s idea. Now that he thought about it, the idea did seem to be possible. If the Lost immortal’s technique worked as he had intended to, then Lin Mu should be able to overcome the flaws of the Bloodline ability.

While the side effects of the Well of Slumber were rather dangerous, its advantage was great as well. If Lin Mu could somehow get total control over the ability, his prospects would rise up to the heavens. He would have accomplished what countless others had failed to do.

“Senior, will the ward activate again if I go near the Great slumber bear?” Lin Mu questioned.

“No, it should not activate in response to it anymore.” Xukong replied.

“Then I guess we can return to the other cave and then investigate further.” Lin Mu replied.

“Alright, but you still have to be extremely careful. Not only are we dealing with an immensely strong beast but also an unknown Invader.” Xukong responded with concern.

Lin Mu simply nodded and walked towards the fissure that was at the end of the cave. He took a deep breath and then triggered the third skill Phase. He entered the wall and followed the fissure all the way to the other end of the cave.

He soon appeared in the other cave and deactivated the skill. He calmly and carefully walked to the location of the Great slumber bear and avoided making any noise. Once Lin Mu was close enough and his spirit sense could detect its position, he stopped.

Lin Mu then walked towards the wall on the opposite side and entered it. He then continued his journey all the way along the wall until he arrived opposite to the Great slumber bear. He spread his spirit sense over the beast and ensured that it was still asleep.

Once that was done, Lin Mu very carefully stepped out of the wall. Now he could finally look at the bear clearly. Although it was still dark in the cave, with the help of spirit sense, it wasn’t much of an issue. Lin Mu could now see the most eye-catching part of the beast that was the inverted triangular pattern on its chest.

Suddenly the bear trembled for a moment and let out a low growl. Lin Mu was about to retreat, but then saw something strange.

Black smoke was rising from the Great slumber Bear’s body.

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