Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 172 - More Trouble

Chapter 172: More Trouble

The large group quickly separated after reaching the town, with the mercenaries going to their camp at the western entrance and the members of the Hei Corps going to two places. A majority of them went to the Town center while a small number of them went to the safe house instead.

Lin Mu first dropped off the beast corpses in a warehouse for the mercenaries. Hei Bao had shown them this warehouse and had told the mercenaries to use it for the time being. 

“We will prepare the corpses and give you your share brother Lin Mu.” Hong Luo spoke in a grateful tone.

“It’s fine. But what are you going to do with the corpses now? Are you going to take them to Wu Lim city?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Yes, we will be seeding a caravan that will be transporting the beast corpses to the northern town. This is a rather large amount so we should be fine for a while.” Hong Luo answered and took a pause.

“Besides, we need to contact or companions in the other parts as well. If what we learned about the culprits is true, then we need to know what’s happening to the other mercenaries as well. We had already sent a messenger to the headquarters, but Leader Teng has decided to head there personally.” Hong Luo continued.

“How long would it take for him to reach the headquarters? It’s in Xiangwei city, right?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Yes, the headquarters of most of the mercenary companies are in that city. Leader Teng is going to rush there, so he should be there in about four days at the very least. He’s also going to inform the other companies as well and gather some information from them as well.” Hong Luo answered.

“I see…” Lin Mu muttered while nodding.

He then turned around and left the warehouse. His next destination was the town center. He was told to come there after dropping off the beast corpses and meet up with Hei Wan. Fifteen minutes later, he reached there and stood in front of the large building.

Lin Mu could see the rest of the guards standing around along with the reinforcements of the Hei corps. He took a look around before walking in through the entrance of the town center. This time he was not stopped by the guards as they recognized him and had already been informed of his status.

Lin Mu went up directly to the third floor, where the town head’s office was. He opened the door and found Hei Bao sitting there along with Hei Wan. Hei Wen was reading a letter and had a pile of scrolls kept to the side on the desk.

Even though her face was covered with the Veil, Lin Mu could still sense the fatigue that she had. He could tell that she had been working hard for a while and was possibly quite tired. He came to the desk and pulled the chair to take a seat.

Lin Mu did not interrupt her and simply waited along with Hei Bao, who soon poured him a cup of tea from the teapot that was kept on a warmer at the side. Lin Mu took a sip from the cup and closed his eyes to wait. 

Five minutes passed by and Hei Wan finally put down the letter she was reading from. 

“Seems like our troubles are only getting worse. First Hei Yingjie and now this.” Hei Wan spoke in a frustrated tone.


“What’s the new problem now?” Hei Bao asked, while Lin Mu listened intently as well.

“Some of the disciples of the Tri cauldron peony sect have arrived in the region. They have been stirring up trouble as well.” Hei Wan answered.

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Hei Bao narrowed his eyes upon hearing Hei Wan’s words and thought to himself for a bit.

“Why are they here and what kind of trouble are they causing?” Hei Bao questioned.

“We don’t know the exact reason for their arrival, but they are apparently going to be staying in Wu Lim City for a while. My best guess is that they have been appointed posts here. As for trouble, it’s the usual things that they’ve done before.” Hei Wan spoke and rubbed her forehead.

Lin Mu had listened to her words and was wondering what kind of trouble was usual for the disciples of the Tri cauldron Peony sect. From what he had known most disciples of the cultivation sects were aloof and did not bother with commoners.

“They’ve caused trouble before?” Lin Mu asked.

“Yes, the disciples of the Tri cauldron peony sect like to throw their status and power around. They will take things forcefully and some of them even take women. Most people can’t handle them, or rather they can’t. Even the mayor ignores their misdemeanors as long as his business is not affected. Especially after the plague last year, he had to go into a debt with the Tri cauldron peony sect.

That is also the reason why they have been assigned here, I think. So that the sect can have their disciples watching over the mayor at all times.” Hei Wan explained.

It was rather surprising to Lin Mu that the behavior of the disciples of a cultivation sect was so vile.

“This is rather common and you will see it a lot in the future. It is like I said before, only the will of the strong is obeyed in this world.” Xukong suddenly spoke.

Lin Mu was lost in thought after hearing this and was actually able to clear some of his doubts from before. He now understood Senior Xukong’s words that he had said in the culprits’ cave better and knew that he was right.

‘If I want to do anything, I need to be stronger… much stronger.’ Lin Mu thought with determination.

Unknown to him, when he thought that, his eyes had glowed for a brief instant, and not only that but the two people that were sitting with him, Hei Wan and Hei Bao too felt a sense of danger. Their eyes went wide, and they became alert. 

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