Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 174 - Beast Storage Treasure

Chapter 174: Beast Storage Treasure

Lin Mu was eagerly waiting for senior Xukong’s answer, but it still didn’t come. He wondered why he had suddenly gone silent and was getting uneasy.

“Senior?” Lin Mu called out.

“Senior Xukong?” He called out again.


Just as he was about to call him for the third time, senior Xukong finally spoke again.

“It should be fine now,” Xukong spoke.

“Huh? What should be fine now?” Lin Mu questioned.

“I just had to check the world’s restrictions before I could speak further. It would do no good if you were not able to hear or understand it even if I said it.” Xukong answered.

“So what does the serpent tail denote?” Lin Mu questioned, having understood Xukong’s rationale.

“The serpent tail denotes that the beast storage treasure can store beasts that are above the Immortal ascension realm.” Xukong finally revealed.

Lin Mu had his guesses about what the serpent tail would have meant, but after hearing it and confirming it from Senior Xukong’s own mouth, he still felt shocked. 

“But, how would a beast storage treasure that could store such an immensely strong beasts even be found in this world?” Lin Mu asked.

“Remember when the beast inciting powder had an effect on those stray dogs and they were able to sense the ward that was placed on you, even though they should have been absolutely incapable of doing so.

That was when I doubted whether it was normal beast inciting powder or not. But now that we’ve seen this Beast storage treasure, I can say for sure that both of those items are not from this world.” Xukong explained.

“Is it possible that they are unrelated, perhaps? I mean, how would something like this even appear here?” Lin Mu asked with a confused tone.

“The beast inciting powder is likely a higher grade one, which is used as a weapon. The powder is made so that they not only make beasts attack others randomly, but the powder also sharpens and enhances the senses of the beasts, making them more deadly. While it could be possible that it was made in this world, but that has a negligible chance of happening.

Another thing is the markings on the beast storage treasure. Those three markings are the standard markings that are used across the myriad of worlds and realms. But the people of this world should definitely not know of that. This is an additional reason why I can say for sure that both of the items are from another higher level world.” Xukong elaborated.

After hearing Senior Xukong’s explanations, Lin Mu felt a bit better and understood well, but then his curiosity made him wonder about more things related to it.

“Senior, can I… use this beast storage treasure?” Lin Mu questioned with a slightly expectant tone.

“Sadly, no. It would indeed have been an excellent addition to your strength, but this beast storage treasure is damaged. The formation array on it has been broken, thus it cannot store the beasts any more. Although it still has a spatial storage in it right now. It is rather unstable and will collapse in a short period of time.” Xukong answered.

“How would the beast storage treasure break, though? It didn’t look damaged from the outside, at least. Where are the formations array of it?” Lin Mu questioned further.

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“The formation arrays are too high leveled for you to be able to sense them. But from the faint spatial fluctuations, you sensed I was able to tell their condition. As for why it broke, there is only one reason for it. The beast that was kept in the beast storage treasure broke through its confines and escaped it.” Xukong answered.

“Wait senior, doesn’t that mean that the beast that had escaped the beast storage treasure is now roaming in the area?” Lin Mu asked with a shocked tone.

“Yes, that is quite likely. But the thing is, we don’t know if it’s one beasts or more.” Xukong replied.

“More beasts?” Lin Mu wondered.

“Yes, a beast storage treasure can store more than one beast depending on its grade and the cultivator’s strength. It can either store a single beast at the very peak of its maximum capacity, which would be dependent on the cultivation base of the cultivator.

A cultivator can only tame and store beasts of a cultivation base that is equal to or less than theirs. This means that, for example, a cultivated at the Immortal Ascension realm can store one beast that is at the same stage as him in a beast storage treasure that has a tiger claw marking on it.

If he were to store a beast of, say, one realm lower than him that is at the Dao treading realm, he would be able to store two such beasts of the Dao treading realm. For the Dao shell realm, it would be four beasts and so on and so forth.

This number only doubles as the realms go lower.” Xukong fully explained.

Lin Mu was absolutely astounded by this information and had another realization. 

‘The beast storage treasure has three markings, with the highest one being that of the serpent tail. Then this means… No!’ Lin Mu Inferred.

“Senior, then isn’t it possible that there are more than one beast of high cultivations reaming around?” Lin Mu questioned with a slightly fearful tone.

“No, luckily it’s not the case this time, don’t worry. If there were more than one spirit beasts of even Dao Shell realm stored in the treasure and were then released by it, then there would have been a massive commotion. The strength of such beasts would have been too much for a world such as this. 

Another thing we need to factor in is the strength of the cultivator itself. If if the cultivator did have a beast storage treasure with three markings, if he did not have a high enough cultivation base of himself, he would not be able to tame and store stronger beasts.

Besides, I already have an idea of what beast was stored in the beast storage treasure.” Xukong answered in a calm tone.

“Huh, what beast is it?”

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