Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 176 - Rise In His Image

Chapter 176: Rise In His Image

Xukong was also a little surprised upon hearing that Lin Mu actually knew about one of the winners. He had fully executed for him to be in the blind about such things.

“That is indeed true, the vermilion legion never moves from the frontier, but there are a few exceptions. One of them being the summons from the Emperor of the Great Zhou Empire. Some people from the Vermilion legion were invited by the emperor for the Grand Festival. As a request, the emperors asked for them to give a demonstration of strength in order to show the sects that they were no less from them either.” Hei Wan answered.

Lin Mu had heard about the festival from the mouth of Teng Xiaolian and his team before, so knew that there was one organized in celebration for the crown prince reaching the core formation realm. But it was still interesting for him to know more about the details of such.

Seeing that Lin Mu was satisfied with the answer, Hei Wan was about to open another scroll to discuss the next matter when Lin Mu spoke up.

“I have something to say.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Oh, please do tell.” Hei Wan replied.

“I thought over it and I think I have an idea of what this wooden plate is.” Lin Mu replied while pointing to the wooden plate on the desk.

“You know?!” Hei Bao explained.

Hei Wan was equally not expecting this, but did not react as such and kept her composure.

“So what is it?” Hei Wan questioned in a calm voice.

“From what I can tell, it’s a… Beast storage treasure.” Lin Mu answered.

Hei Wan and Hei Bao went silent after hearing this and took a few seconds to digest this information. But once that was done, a mixture of emotions appeared in their eyes. 

“How do you know this?” Hei Wan asked in a nervous tone.

“I can feel the spatial fluctuation coming from it. They were faint at first thus I was not able to grasp them, but after a while, I was able to determine what it was.” Lin Mu replied.


Hei Bao gulped in astonishment and started to think about all implications of this information. He knew that Spatial storage treasures were incredibly rare and only a few people owned them, but Beast storage treasures were a rarity amongst the spatial storage treasure.

Every single one of the beast storage treasures was known to most informed and influential people, and he knew for sure that none of them would be so carelessly be abandoned. Their value was far too high, and it wouldn’t be uncommon for a cultivation sect to start a small war in order to get their hands on one.

If his apprehension were true and this was indeed lost or worse stolen from a cultivation sect, it could potentially spell a disaster for them. He turned to look at Hei Wan and could see a similar apprehension in her eyes.

“Leader, the beast storage treasure…” Hei Bao spoke and was interrupted.

“But the Beast storage treasure is currently damaged, and the formation arrays within it would soon dissipate. It can’t store any beasts in it currently.” Lin Mu continued.

Hei Bao’s face visibly relaxed as he let out a breath of relief.


“You should have started with that, you nearly scared us out of our wits.” Hei Bao complained.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I should have framed it better.” Lin Mu apologized.

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“It’s fine, there was no harm done. But now this revelation puts forth more questions.” Hei Wan replied.

Hei Bao too nodded in acknowledgment.

“That is true. We still need to find out and verify, who is the owner of this beast storage treasure. We do not want to be caught off guard if someone comes looking for it and suspects that we broke it.” Hei Bao spoke.

“I guess, I’ll have to leave that up to you people. I believe you will be more capable of investigating that.” Lin Mu said in a calm tone, trying to pretend as if he didn’t know that the Hei corps would not be going on a blind goose chase.

Although Lin Mu knew that he would be wasting the time of the Hei Corps in hiding the full truth, it was still better than exposing his own reality and lifting their misunderstanding. It was that very misunderstand int that was proving to be quite advantageous to him right now.

Lin Mu definitely did not want to do anything that would compromise his current status quo.

“Of course, we will do that brother Lin Mu. You can leave that to us.” Hei Wan answered with confidence.

Lin Mu nodded in acceptance and then thought about what he should do next.

“What should I do for the time being? I mean, we’ve seen the culprits hideout and know that they are hiding the prisoners somewhere near the town, but when would we be doing more?” Lin Mu questioned after thinking for a bit.

Hei Wan was a little impressed by Lin Mu’s detailed question because she thought that he was worried about the investigation and wanted to fully help them. But in reality, Lin Mu wanted nothing more than to know a time period so that he could go cultivate peacefully till then.

He did not want any more interruptions and wanted to finally begin learning the nameless technique created by the lost immortal. After knowing that he had less than a year to reach the peak stage of the body tempering realm as well as leering the technique of the lost immortal, Lin Mu was impatient.

This impatience was seen in Lin Mu’s eyes and was once again mistaken by Hei Wan as an eagerness to help. 

‘Lin Mu is indeed an exceptional and righteous youngster. His future is very promising, I need to talk with the lord about investing more into him, perhaps.’ Hei Wan thought.

Unknown to Lin Mu, his image in the eyes of Hei Wan was raised once again.

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