Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 179 - Strange Changes

Chapter 179: Strange Changes

In a house in the northern town, a gruesome scene could be seen. There was blood splattered all around in a room and the scent of the same was spreading around. The pungent and slightly disgusting smell of the mixture of flesh and blood would assault one’s sense if they entered the room.

At the center of the room was what could only be called as a remnant carcass of a beast of some kind, having only its bones left behind with small pieces of flesh on it. Even the bones seemed to have bite marks on them, and at some places seemed to have been shattered and cracked.

At the side of this carcass was a person who seemed to have been drenched in blood. His face, hair, and clothes were stained in blood and his eyes seemed to be bloodshot as well. This person was none other than Lin Mu.

He was taking deep and tired breaths, making it seem as if he had gone through a great battle, but such was not the reality. For it was none other than Lin Mu who had eaten the beast carcass in such a gruesome manner, no different from any other predator beast.

If such a corpse was found out in the forest or the wild, no one would bat an eye. But when such a corpse was found in a house with a person drenched in blood no less, people would be shocked and astonished, to say the least. And no doubt would call the person that was drenched in blood insane.






“That… is… too… much…” Lin Mu muttered between his breaths.

Lin Mu could not help but turn up his head to look at his handiwork that was in front of him. Even he himself could not bring himself to believe what had just happened and what he had done. Still, that very thing in front of him and the blood on his body was proof that he had done it.

Lin Mu could no longer hold back and laid down on the ground in fatigue, not having any energy to function well.

‘What in heaven’s name was that?’ Lin Mu questioned himself.

“It seems like the lost immortal’s technique is far more dangerous than we thought. I had not expected for there to be such a severe side effect. I don’t know how you should proceed from this.” Xukong suddenly spoke in Lin Mu’s mind.

Lin Mu did not respond but rather just stayed there on the ground contemplating about his situation. There were now far too many things that he needed to consider. Firstly, the effect of the lost immortal’s technique had made him disappointed and frankly a bit scared.

No normal human would like to eat raw flesh like he just did, and this thought made him nauseous and would have nearly made him vomit, if it were not for the fact that there was surprisingly nothing in his stomach.

Lin Mu realized that and touched his stomach. If it were normal his stomach should have been bulging out. Even if he was used to having a large appetite and eating a lot of food, his stomach would still bulge for a while before going back to being flat.

But right now it had not even been five minutes, and he had eaten the entirety of a beast except for the bones, which was nearly twice his own weight. There was no way that this should have been possible, yet here he was having witnessed it.

Wanting to know more, Lin Mu extended his spirit sense and checked his own body. He directly observed his insides and found no change in them, at least from what he knew about his body and what he had seen before. His organs seemed to look the same as before to him, and he could find no fault with them.

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“This nameless technique, I can’t comprehend its effect. It’s supposed to stop hunger, right? So why is it giving me a hunger that makes me want to die?!” Lin Mu questioned himself in frustration.

“Hmm, try checking the vital energy in your body, I… can’t feel it,” Xukong spoke.

“Huh? What senior? But it seems to be normal to me.” Lin Mu replied before chanting the calming heart sutra and sensing the vital energy within his body.

That was when he discovered a difference. While he still had his vital energy that was saturated in his skin, flesh, blood and bones, he could not sense their faint fluctuations. It was as if they had been sealed into his body, and not even an iota of it was leaking out of his body.

Normally vital energy in a person’s or a beast’s body creates faint waves that are naturally emitted by their body. While this results in a loss of vital energy, this is fairly negligible and has no overall effect on the creature involved.

But for some reason, the vital energy in Lin Mu’s body was being fully contained within. Usually, when Lin Mu sensed his vital energy, it would be pulsating, as if it were resonating with his heartbeats, but right now, it was not.

Instead, it was calmly flowing in a loop. Such a peculiarity made Lin Mu curious and wonder why it was happening. Wanting to rest something out, he flexed his fist to see how the vital energy would react. Usually, by doing this, his vital energy should have gotten agitated, but no such thing was happening.

An idea appeared in Lin Mu’s mind and he punched out at the air. While no effect could be seen with the naked eyes, Lin Mu could tell that the punch he had just thrown had the same power as before in it. The change in the vital energy had caused no change in his strength itself.

“What is the cause of this?” Lin Mu wondered.

“Whatever it may be, at least it is not harmful. Hmm, let me think for a while; I’ll try to find something in my bloodline memories and see if I have any information about your peculiar condition.” Xukong replied.

“Alright, senior thank you for your help.” Lin Mu replied in a grateful tone.

Lin Mu turned his head from side to side and looked at the mess that was his room right now.


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