Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 181 - Father And Son

Chapter 181: Father And Son

The scholarly looking man named Wu Hei stared at the person in front of him for a few seconds in silence.

“Fine. What is it that you need? And don’t repeat the same thing, I know you have an excuse for coming here.” Wu Hei spoke in a dismissive tone.

“Ah, look at you talking to your father like that. Your mother would be so disappointed in you.” Wu Heir’s father spoke in the same teasing tone as before.


“As if! Mother hates you no less than me. If it were up to her, she would have left just as elder brother did.” Wu Hei spoke in a condescending tone.

Upon hearing the harsh words of Wu Hei, his father’s expression changed. It was no longer the teasing and playful one, but rather one of seriousness. The man’s entire aura had changed, if it was mellow before now it exuded power and authority.

“Alright, as you wish. I’ll just tell you what I am here for.” Wu Heir’s father spoke.

“That would be for the best.” Wu Hei said with a straight face without moving his eyes from his father.

“The disciples of the Tri cauldron peony sect have been posted here. They will be living at a property here in the eastern district of the city.” Wu Hei’s father spoke.


“Oh? That’s rather surprising. I thought nothing went past your eyes and ears, ‘Mayor’.” Wu Hei said, with a sarcastic tone. “Looks like your influence has fallen, such that even outsiders from a sect can go behind you and buy property here.” 

An irritated expression appeared on Wu Hei’s father upon hearing his words.

“I’ve been busy lately, there are far too many things to handle lately. You would know this if you ever came and saw, but here you are spending your life in reading and more reading. At least your brother went and joined the kingdom’s army; that is a thing of prestige. If you want to be a scholar, go and join the Royal Court, at least that way you would make use of your worthless life.” Wu Xun said trying to insult, but elicited no reaction out of Wu Hei.

Wu Hei kept the same straight expression and did not mind his father’s words. This was not the first time he had something like this, and over the years he had become far too used to them, that at this point he was just numb.

“And, what is it that you need with these disciples of the Tri cauldron peony sect?” Wu Hei questioned, completely ignoring the earlier words of Wu Xun.


“I want you to keep an eye on them. Make sure they don’t try anything too much. I don’t want a repeat of last year again.” Wu Xun answered.

“And, why would I do this?” Wu Hei asked in a sarcastic tone again.

“Because if you don’t then I will nominate your name is the next annual gathering of the young aristocrats of the kingdom. You will be the person representing this county and before you tell me that you will not mind my reputation, know this that the King will be there this time. Your tricks won’t work there.” Wu Xun spoke in a slightly triumphant tone.

Wu Hei’s expression finally changed upon hearing that, but he soon recomposed himself, not wanting to give his father this victory.

“I’ll see to it.” Wu Hei curtly replied.

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“Hmm…” Wu Xun responded and looked around the room before speaking, “Seems like your collection of books has only increased. Ah! If only you were better at cultivation and spent more of your effort in it than this.” 

While Wu Xun was looking away, a slight hint of a smirk appeared on Wu Hei’s face but quickly disappeared as soon as Wu Xun turned around. 

Wu Xun’s attention was then pulled towards the letter that was kept on the desk, more accurately on the unique pattern that was drawn on to it. He unceremoniously picked up the letter from the desk, not minding any manners or privacy.

Wu Hei’s expression became tense for a moment, and he quickly snatched the letter from his hands before he could see the next page.

“You! Do not touch my things.” Wu Hei responded in a cold tone that almost bordered on violent.

For a moment his scholarly and erudite aura faded and was replaced by that of power. It was almost the same as Wu Xun’s yet was different in some aspects. It was as if there was a hint of rebelliousness within it. 


“What is this? Another one of your, random musings? Are you still looking into the old myths and lores? Grow up and give up on them. That’s all they are, ‘myths’.” Wu Xun spoke in a dismissive tone before leaving the office.

He soon left the manor and entered a luxurious carriage that had the crest of ‘Wu Lim’ on it. The carriage swiftly left the manor, leaving a cloud of dust behind.

A serious and grim expression appeared on Wu Hei’s face as a wave of spirit qi was emanated from his body. The wave of spirit qi spread out of the manor and scanned all over the area. This was none other than Spirit sense and if one were to see the range of the spirit sense they would be shocked, for the area of the manor was more than three hundred meters.

A few seconds later the spirit sense returned to Wu Hei’s body and he opened his eyes. The second door of the office opened and in walked a man that was dressed in a dark blue robe and had a mask on his face. The masked man seemed to be tense as he came and kneeled on his left knee in front of Wu Hei.

Wu Hei did not speak anything and silently stared at the masked man. The masked man only kept on getting more and more nervous, such that his back was covered in a cold sweat. An entire minute passed by and only then did Wu Hei speak.

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