Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 183 - Reports-I

Chapter 183: Reports-I

This was the place where the six drops of liquefied spirit qi were floating. Lin Mu willed it and guided a single drop of it into his meridians. He then repeated the method mentioned in the nameless technique, but this time with the drop of liquid spirit qi.

The drop of liquefied spirit Qi traveled through the meridians and reached the meridians in the stomach. Upon reaching there, it merged with the tissues of his stomach. A feeling similar to that of goosebumps spread in Lin Mu’s body for a moment and quickly faded away. 

Unknown to him, the obscure pattern that had appeared on Lin Mu’s abdomen when he first bound the wooden slip to him, appeared again. It glowed for a brief moment before disappearing again. 

A few seconds passed and Lin Mu stayed still. He had successfully used the drop of liquified spirit Qi in practicing the nameless technique of the lost immortal, yet he could feel no difference. 

Lin Mu had expected something new to happen but alas, nothing of such kind happened. 


“Am I doing something wrong or I just need a lot more time?” Lin Mu muttered to himself. 

Lin Mu thought about how to proceed for a bit and eventually came upon a decision. 

‘I’ll cultivate and pour all my spirit Qi wisps into practicing the lost immortal’s technique, and of the two drops of liquified spirit Qi that I refine I’ll invest one into it as well. That way I’ll be able to balance the both, hopefully.’

Having planned for the upcoming days, Lin Mu threw himself into cultivation. He repeated the same routine every day, assimilating vital energy, cultivating, refining liquified spirit Qi, practicing the lost immortal’s technique and finally practicing the thousand armament blade scripture. 

While the routine seems hectic to him at the start, soon he became habituated with it. He continued it for ten days, after which on the eleventh day he witnessed his progress. 

Lin Mu was now able to refine three drops of liquified spirit Qi instead of just two 8n a single day. 


“Finally, it increased!” Lin Mu said to himself in joy. 

“It was bound to happen, eventually. Though your pace should only keep on growing from now.” Xukong replied. 

“Yes senior.” Lin Mu replied before returning to his cultivation. 

While Lin Mu was engrossed in his cultivation, something else had happened in Wu Lim city. 


A few days ago. 

In a large Manor beside a lake, Wu Hei was standing in a large room that looked like a library. He was facing towards a bookshelf and had a book in his hand. 

Behind him, three men in dark blue robes and masks were kneeling on one leg. 

While Wu Hei was reading, the three masked men stayed silent and waited for him patiently. 


The sound of a book closing resounded in the room, and the three masked men became tense upon hearing it. 

“What do you have to report?” Wu Hei questioned. 

One of the masked men that were kneeling in the middle took out a scroll and held it out in his hand. 

“Leader Hei Wan has sent her report, my lord.” The masked man answered. 

“Hmm.” Said Wu Hei as he took the scroll from the man’s hands. 

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He opened the scroll and started reading it. It took him five minutes to read the entire thing during which his expression went through a variety of changes. 

Wu Hei felt more emotions now than he had felt in the entire past month. He felt happy, excited, fearful, relieved, angry, and perplexed. 

He was happy that the mission had been completed and excited that they had found out more about the culprits. He was fearful about the Beast storage treasure that had been found as knew what kind of a situation that they could lead to and was then relieved to find out that the beast storage treasure was damaged and unusable.

Also, he was angry that one of his higher corps members and one of the only three core condensation realm experts was injured in this mission and that too not because of culprits but rather because of the beast attack.

Finally, Wu Hei was confused after he found out the truth that the link behind all these happenings was none other than Lin Mu. If it were not for him, then perhaps the entire series of events would have become a biff tragedy for the Hei Corps.

Still, he could not understand how and why Lin Mu was able to uncover so many things. He wondered if he had still underestimated Lin Mu’s capabilities and if he should do something more. This thought was soon affirmed once Hei Wan confirmed it and wanted to invest more into their new ‘Ally’.

His strength had already been proven before and him being able to fight an entire pack of steel back wolves and coming out alive along with killing the alpha steel back wolf that was at the core condensation realm made it sure in Wu Hei’s mind that he should not let him go. 

Even the fact that Lin Mu knew healing techniques was quite shocking to him. Especially one that had been able to save a cultivator that was at the core condensation realm like Hei Yingjie from Qi deviation. 

From all that he had learned about the healing techniques, Wu Hei knew that there were only a handful of sects outside of the top sects that had one of such a high grade. 


Wu Hei silently sighed to himself after he finished reading the entire scroll. 

“What else do you have to report?” Wu Hei questioned. 

The masked man that was kneeling to the left lifted his head and looked up at Wu Hei. 

“My lord, as you ordered, we have been keeping an eye on movements of the Disciples of the Tri cauldron peony sect. We asked our comrades to follow their path and finally today they have arrived in Wu Lim City. As we speak, the Disciples are moving towards the eastern district and are going towards their property.” The masked man spoke. 

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