Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 184 - Reports-II

Chapter 184: Reports-II

Wu Hei kept on listening silently and did not respond straight away. He thought for a bit and contemplated before speaking.

“Oh, so they’re finally here. They were a little late than expected though, why is that?” Wu Hei questioned.

“My lord, we do not know either. The truth is, we lost track of them for a few hours in between and we do not know what they did in that time period. But from what we saw, they seemed to be tense after that time and chose to take a halt in another town.” The masked man answered.

“Hmm, that is strange… How did you lose track of them?” Wu Hei asked in a calm voice.

But upon hearing his calm tone, the masked men only became more tense. They knew they had made a mistake before and were wondering if they were going to be punished for it soon.

“They… entered a pleasure pavilion and didn’t come out for six hours. We thought something was wrong and went to check. From there they had somehow disappeared and we don’t know where they went. We wanted to investigate the pleasure pavilion, but we couldn’t. Six more hours later, one of our scouts reported to us that they had seen them in the next town in the path.” The masked man replied in a hurried manner.

Wu Hei went silent and thought again about it. He was not starting to get more interested in the matter, along with being a bit perplexed.

“This pleasure pavilion, what town is it in, and who is it owned by?” Wu Hei questioned.

“The pleasure pavilion is in cliff rain town and is owned by… the Xiangwei Jin armaments.” The masked man answered as a bead of sweat dripped from the side of the mask.

“Xiangwei Jin armaments? What are they doing in this kind of business? And that too in cliff rain town, which is a Small town. From my knowledge, there was no pleasure pavilion in cliff rain town before.” Wu Hei spoke, feeling a little confused.

“That is the reason we were astounded too, my lord. Somehow we had missed this intelligence that a new pleasure pavilion was opened in Cliff Rain town and that too one owned by Xiangwei Jin armaments. But from what little news we gathered, the pleasure pavilion was opened with the orders from the new backers of the Xiangwei armaments.” The masked man replied.

‘The disciples of the top sect? Are they the same ones that bought the Xiangwei Jin armaments or someone else? It would be too uncouth for a disciple of any of the top sects to start an Establishment like that. There must be something else we’re missing.’ Wu Hei thought to himself.

Wu Hie turned his gaze back onto the masked men and asked, “The town that the disciples of the Tri cauldron peony sect appeared in after disappearing, its Blue mill town right? Where exactly did you see them there?” 

“We discovered the disciples at the entrance of the town. Apparently, they had a small scuffle with the guards and injured a few of them. From what we could tell the disciples seemed to be bothered by something as even though they could have very easy crippled the guards they did not and only hurt them enough to give them pain by breaking some bones.” The masked man replied.

Wu Hei was once again surprise by these words as the gears in his mind started turning.

‘Hmm, so they are restraining themselves. That means they have been ordered to do so are perhaps been scared to do so as well. Seems like whatever power is behind the Xiangwei Jin armaments is doing this. We’ll have to look into it further, I don’t want any more surprises.’ Wu Hei thought to himself.

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“Alright then, how many of them are here right now?” Wu Hei questioned.

“My lord, there are four disciples currently here and all of them are at the peak of the qi refining realm. Though we suspect that one of them may be hiding their cultivation base. We did not dare to check it ourselves thus cannot confirm our suspicions.” The masked man answered.

“Hmm, that’s good. Stay low for a while, I have a bad feeling about this. Meanwhile, just observe them from far and tell me when they are completely settled in; I’ll go pay them a visit then.” Wu Hei ordered.


In the present day.

Lin Mu had just finished up cultivating for the day and was thinking of taking a short break as he had sensed something. The mysterious ring had hummed for a bit and Lin Mu instantly knew the reason for it. He was cultivating before and instantly opened his eyes upon feeling it.

“A spatial rift will be opening.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

Ever since gaining better control over the ring, there had been no incidence of the uncontrolled appearance of the spatial rift. Instead, Lin Mu could not see and feel when one of them was going to appear or he could just choose to open one wherever he wanted. 

But senior Xukong had told him that doing so would be a waste of time and his previous attempts were likely only because there were some items in the lesser void parallel to this world. At least in this area, Xukong doubted that he would find more items.

‘Let’s see what is it this time.’ Lin Mu thought to himself before standing up.

He followed the mysterious ring’s beckoning, which took him to the outskirts of the town. But this time it was talking him towards the southern exit instead of the northern one. Lin Mu exited the town and went a Little distance to the southeast where he finally felt it.

Lin Mu could see a small black dot traveling across from the distance a rather fast speed and understanding the peculiarity of the situation.

“Oh! So it’s a teleportation channel and not just a normal spatial rift.” Lin Mu muttered before going after it.

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