Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 185 - Another Letter

Chapter 185: Another Letter

Ever since getting better control over the ring, Lin Mu had not used it to open anymore spatial rift and neither had he encountered any more teleportation channels either. He knew that while he could open a spatial rift anywhere he wanted, that would be useless, as it was likely that he had already taken all the items he could that were lost in the lesser void of this region.

He was now excited to see what he could find this time and was looking forward to it. Lin Mu ran along with the black dot and extended his right hand towards it. As soon as he got close enough, he willed it and the black dot stopped moving.

Soon the black dot started expanding and reached the diameter of a meter. 

“Let’s see what I can find this time.” Lin Mu muttered before plunging his hand into it.

The familiar feeling of flowing water appeared on his hand as he roamed it around to catch whatever that was coming through the teleportation channel. Senior Xukong had explained to Lin Mu about the workings of a teleportation channel thus he knew what to expect this time.

Whenever an item is to be transported through a teleportation channel, the formation is activated. What the formation does is that it makes a safe and stable path in the lesser void through which the item can be transported through. 

The change that happens is such that the spatial energy starts moving in a particular direction, talking the path of least resistance. Thus it is often hard to estimate how or where a teleportation channel may appear if one does not have a good understanding of spatial energy.

The spatial channels are often so random that even if you are transporting an item just one meter from its original position, it is likely that the teleportation channel it passed through was long and winding and could have extended for hundreds if not thousands of kilometers.

Still, even if this does seem like it is counterproductive and would take more time instead. It was not as such, because the speed of transportation is rather instantaneous over short distances in a single world. Only when something is being teleported over different worlds and passes through multiple layers of the void does it take longer.

Senior Xukong even told Lin Mu that teleportation between different realms could take years, if not tens of years to complete. The distance between each could not be imagined.

Lin Mu thought of trying something different this time. He extended his spirit sense and let it enter the spatial rift. As soon as his spirit sense entered the spatial rift, he felt a strong tug on it. The short tendril of spirit sense was quickly pulled to its maximum length and was flown along with the spatial energy.

“Ow!” Lin My groaned in pain as he tried to control the spirit sense.

It was hard for him to control his spirit sense under the flow of the spatial energy and decided to just reel it back in. 

“You won’t be able to navigate a teleportation channel with your current spirit sense. It is too strong for you. You will have to either reach the core condensation realm to strengthen it further or… You will need to gain an understanding of spatial Dao.” Xukong spoke upon seeing Lin Mu’s failed attempt.

“Spatial Dao?” Lin Mu muttered in confusion.

“Yes, Spatial Dao. I’ve told you about it, spatial Dao is the higher level understanding of the Spatial elemental qi. Once you learn more about the spatial elemental qi, you can start comprehending the spatial Dao.” Xukong explained.

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Lin Mu nodded in response, but was still a little confused. He wanted to ask more but thought it would be best left after he gets whatever is coming from the partial rift. 

And just as Lin Mu thought that something hit his palm. Knowing what it was, he immediately grabbed it and pulled out his hand. Lin Mu looked down to see what he had obtained and saw that it was a scroll.

The scroll was about ten inches long and seemed to be made of good quality paper. The cylindrical wooden handles of the scroll were finely polished and had additional tassels at their ends. Lin Mu could even smell the fragrant smell coming from the wood and could tell that it was made from the same wood the box within which the four vessels restoration pills were stored in was made of.

Finally, there was a wax seal placed on its opening and it also had a short tassel hanging from it. The wax seal had the imprint of three cauldrons with a peony flower above it.

As soon as Lin Mu saw it, he knew where it had come from.

“The Tri cauldron peony sect!” Lin Mu spoke out loud.

He wondered if he should open it or not, but after remembering the current situation he thought that it would be the best to open it. If there was any problem, he could still drop it back into the spatial channel as it was still open and would stay open for a while and could be opened for even longer if Lin Mu poured in his spirit qi.

But looking at the wax seal Lin Mu was a bit bothered and thought that if he opened it and the formation triggered, the other party may find out about it.

“Go ahead, place it in the ring. I’ll open it for you so that the formation does not trigger.” Xukong suggested.

“Alright,” Lin Mu spoke before he stored the scroll in the ring.

A few seconds later he withdrew it and saw that the wax seal had broken in half and the scroll came undone. The first thing Lin Mu could see was the crest of the Tri cauldron peony sect at the very top of the scroll. Below it he could see the text, and from the format of it, he could tell that it was another letter.

Having understood this, he started reading the letter.

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