Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 193 - Jing Wei's Confusion

Chapter 193 – Jing Wei’s Confusion

Jing Wei was busy in cultivation the entire time and when he woke up, he saw that his granddaughter was not there in hall. He checked the library where she usually spent her free time and did not find her there either, which was rather unexpected to him.

Ever since the incidents, including the one with Lin Mu, Duan Ke had been obsessed with finding the clues to the identity of the hidden expert. Jing Wei himself had been doing the same, but even his memory was betraying him. He could not recall if he had ever known of something like that before.

He had scanned the old records of his clan yet even after two entire months he had barely been able to search in thirty percent of them. And this was when he had the help of his granddaughter as well. Still, after knowing that Duan Ke was not in the library, he checked the other parts of the mansions.

It didn’t take Jing Wei much effort, as he just did a simple sweep of the entire mansion with his spirit sense. For a cultivator of his cultivation base, their spirit sense was massive. Even though his cultivation base was sealed by himself, and his full potential of spirit sense restricted, it was nothing for Jing Wei to do such a task.

Jing Wei did not even wade through the rooms individually but rather directly pierced through them with his spirit sense, the wall acting less than air. After learning that she wasn’t in the mansion, he didn’t worry as there wasn’t anything that could harm them here.

This courtyard was one of the heirloom treasures that had been refined by each head of the clan. It had hundreds of formation arrays inscribed into it, with many of them being defensive ones. Jing Wei was confident that even with his sealed cultivation base, he would be able to hold off Dao treading realm experts as long as he was in the courtyard.

The entirety of the courtyard was actually a special spirit tool that was bordering on the level of an immortal tool. It was one of the few spirit tools in existence that were able to manipulate space and create a spatial dimension such as this.

While it could not compare in size with the inheritance grounds of the top sects which were similarly based in different spatial dimensions, there was one thing that put this courtyard above them all. While the top sects’ inheritance grounds were big, they were immobile.

They could never be moved from the location they had been created at and would forever stay there. The only time they could be moved would be when it was the time for the destruction of that spatial dimension. Jing Wei’s clan had some information about the peculiarities of space and had learned from it that every space would one day collapse as it reaches its end.

The biggest advantage of this courtyard was that it could be moved around. The courtyard was in a bubble like space from where a connection could be formed to the real world. The secret to it was kept by Jing Wei and no one else knew about it, not even Duan Ke.

Because of this very reason, he never doubted the safety of his granddaughter as long as she was in this courtyard. It wasn’t like she had left the courtyard either, as he would have been alerted if the restrictions of the courtyard were lifted.

Without his permission, no one could enter or leave the courtyard. Thus the shock that Jing Wei felt after discovering that there was a third person in the courtyard was terrifying, to say the least. Jing Wei knew even better than Duan Ke and knew the level of danger they may be facing right now.

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In the thousands of years, he had lived, he had learned and seen many things that others could only come to imagine. He knew the cultivators that would be able to do such a thing would be immensely strong. So strong that perhaps even with his cultivation unsealed and the courtyard in his control it would not be possible for him to resist.

Such a person was none other than an Immortal Ascension realm cultivator. It was someone he definitely did not want to meet. He had the chance to experience their might before, and it was terrifying to say the least. He doubted he would be able to fight against one.

But when he saw that Duan Ke and the other person were calmly walking without any sign of agitation, he was dumbstruck. Even more so when he recognized the person who was with his Granddaughter.

“What?! How?!” That was all Jing Wei could say before he rushed out of the Mansion and appeared at the entrance.

There he finally confirmed with his own two eyes that it was Lin Mu who had appeared in the courtyard. Seeing that nothing bad was happening, Jing Wei waited patiently till they reached him. He did not show a change of expression on his face, even though internally he was nervous.


Lin Mu looked up at the old man, who looked the same as he was the last time he had seen him. Except this time he was wearing much better quality clothes and looked to be a proper cultivator. Back when he had seen Jing Wei at the shop, he had been dressed in a robe that while it was clean still looked old.

The one thing Lin Mu noticed seemed different was that Jing Wei was no longer wearing the black beaded bracelet in his left hand. He then remembered that Jing Wei had forcefully pulled on it and broken it apart. Only after doing that had he been able to return to normal after being affected by senior Xukong’s ward.

Looking at Jing Wei’s face, Lin Mu could tell nothing and could only feel calmness on it. He was unaware that Jing Wei was perhaps much more nervous than back when he fought in the war a thousand years ago.

Lin Mu walked forward and came to stand beside Duan Ke. He lifted his hands and cupped them in greetings.

“Hello, Owner Jing Wei.” Lin Mu greeted respectfully.

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