Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 194 - Peculiarity Of The Courtyard

Chapter 194: Peculiarity Of The Courtyard

Jing Wei did not know how to respond at that moment and was at a loss. But to his fortune, Duan Ke was the next person to speak, and he did not have to respond first.

“Grandfather, he was able to somehow find an opening in the formation array and entered the courtyard.” Duan Ke informed.

Many thoughts appeared in Jing Wei’s mind upon hearing that and he began thinking of all possibilities. His train of thought went in the same direction as Duan Ke and arrived at the same conclusion as well.

‘Seems like the ‘being’ supporting him helped him.’ Jing Wei thought.


Jing Wei took a deep breath before speaking.

“And why did you come here? I reckon you understood that we were intentionally not allowing anyone here?” Jing Wei questioned.

Although Jing Wei felt a little scared at asking him like this but he surmised that since the expert behind Lin Mu hadn’t attacked them till now, it should be safe for now. In the past two months, he had also come to an understanding.

Jing Wei understood that what the ‘being’ behind Lin Mu had done at that time was a mere warning. A show of power, to say the least. It was not even a threat. But considering the ‘beings’ standing, Jing Wei reckoned that it was to be expected.

Powerful cultivators had eccentric personalities and habits. He himself could attest to it. He had lived for over two thousand years now and knew that he had picked up some strange habits himself. He just attributed it to a natural thing that happened to most cultivators once they lived long enough.

Jing Wei had seen others that were on a similar level as him and had witnessed the same kind of eccentricities. He could only imagine a being that was who knows how many times more powerful and long-lived than them would act like.

Still, since Lin Mu was already here, there wasn’t much that he could do. 

‘I may as well clarify all things.’ Jing Wei thought to himself.

While Jing Wei was thinking all this, only a couple of seconds had gone by. Lin Mu thought during that time and then decided to speak. He gave him the same explanation that he had given Duan Ke, except this time he added a few more details.

With senior Xukong’s suggestion, Lin Mu told them how he had discovered the formation with his spirit sense and had traced the entirety of it. He then told them that by doing that he found a way to make an opening and appeared here in the courtyard.

Jing Wei and Duan Ke couldn’t help but think, ‘The proverb stands true, a monster can only be created by a monster.’

They reckoned that with a powerful backing such as his, Lin Mu must have had a lot of time and guidance to be able to do such a thing. 

Jing Wei and Duan Ke finally realized another thing, ‘Wait, he said spirit sense?’

Both of them exchanged a look and knew exactly what the other was thinking. Duan Ke tried to sense Lin Mu’s cultivation and realized that while she could feel the faint waves of spirit qi from him showing that he was a cultivator, she could no longer sense any vital energy in his body.

‘What the… How is this possible? Did his body tempering realm cultivation regress? No, his physical condition is too good for that to be true. What could it be?’ Duan Ke wondered.

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Jing Wei too was having similar thoughts. He had a brief thought about probing Lin Mu with his spirit sense to get a better idea, but then quickly remembered his previous misfortune. No longer daring to even think of that, he decided to get more information.

“We’ll talk more inside, that would be more appropriate.” Jing Wei suggested.

“That’s fine with me,” Lin Mu replied while nodding his head.

Soon Jing Wei and Duan Ke brought Lin Mu to a hall. Along the way, Lin Mu got to see all the luxuries that were in the mansion and was amazed by them. The paintings, calligraphy scrolls, and statues all emanated spirit qi.

Even the wood from which the walls and floor were made from emanated faint spirit qi, making him wonder what they were made from. Lin Mu could not even begin to imagine what all these materials were and how much they must have cost.

He had never seen such luxury before, and the only thing that he had to compare it with was the town head’s office. But that and this were completely different. If that was an opulent luxury, this seemed to be more sober. 

Everything was tasteful and nothing seemed out of place or too much. 

‘All of this stuff… I can’t even imagine…’ Lin Mu internally felt overwhelmed.

“Such is the world of cultivators, Lin Mu. From this, I can tell that these two have a powerful background in this world. I can actually identify some of the rare materials here. While they are common in the higher worlds, for a low level world such as this, they are perhaps the epitome of luxury.” Xukong spoke in Lin Mu’s mind.

“Not just this, but have you sensed anything peculiar here?” Xukong asked.

Lin Mu tried to think over it, but could not understand what Senior Xukong was asking. He curiously extended his spirit sense and scanned over the place. It was then that he got a familiar feeling from multiple places in the mansion and not just that, he tried to extend his spirit sense out from the windows and sensed it out in the middle of the air as well.

“There are formation nodes everywhere!” Lin Mu internally exclaimed.

“That’s good, you realized that at least. Now, what more can you tell me when you feel this place?” Xukong further asked.

Lin Mu tried hard but could not feel anything more. He probed all the items and even the walls, but all he could sense except for the formations was spirit qi. It was then that he realized it, and his eyes went wide.

“This place… the qi here is uniform, too uniform.” Lin Mu answered.

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