Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 195 - Pseudo Immortal Tool

Chapter 195: Pseudo Immortal Tool

Lin Mu sensed the spirit qi and found it to be quite stable. In fact, it was moving in a strangely harmonic way. It would flow from different channels and then return to the beginning. Lin Mu had seen something like this before, and it was in something that he owned.

It was his short sword, which was a spirit weapon. This surprised Lin Mu as he had never expected this.

“Senior… this entire place…” Lin Mu muttered.

“Yes, this is not just a minor plane but rather an entire spirit tool. That too a spirit tool that is bordering on the level of an immortal tool and is at a grade called as pseudo immortal tool.” Xukong revealed.

This was the first time Lin Mu had seen something that was this powerful. The closest item he had to this was his own spirit sword, but the difference was great between those two. Lin Mu had heard about pseudo immortal tools from senior Xukong before and knew that they were one peak grade spirit tools that were half a step in turning into an immortal tool.

Though Lin Mu still did not know what was it that they lacked in order to become an immortal tool, and this was what made him curious.

“Senior, what is it that makes a spirit tool pseudo immortal and what is thee that will turn it into an immortal tool?” Lin Mu questioned.

“In order for a spirit tool to evolve into an immortal tool, what it needs is… sentience,” Xukong answered.

“Sentience? But isn’t a spirit tool or spirit weapon already sentient? Like that time when my short sword responded to me and formed the link.” Lin Mu asked, feeling slightly confused.

“No, while your sword did react to you, that was but a basic instinct. The sentience I’m talking about is different. At that level, the spirit tool will become conscious of itself and will be able to think for itself.” Xukong explained.

After hearing Xukong’s words, Lin Mu was amazed and wondered if he would ever get to see something like that. His mind then went back to the place they were in, as they had reached a hall while he was thinking about the courtyard.

Jing Wei reached in front of two large doors that were about five meters tall along with Duan Ke and Lin Mu. The doors automatically opened as he approached them, allowing the three of them to walk in without any hindrance. Lin Mu was fascinated by it and continued following them silently.

After entering the hall, he could see the decorations in it. They were the same as the rest of the mansion except for the large throne like chair that was placed at the head of the hall. The chair was as if made from marble and had delicate carvings on it.

At the front of the throne like chair, there was a large table that was empty. On the sides of the table, one could see four more chairs. These chairs were smaller than the throne like chair and were at a lower level than it.

The hall was almost fifty meters long, Lin Mu guessed. But now that he had taken a look at it, he for some reason thought that it looked incomplete. It was as if there was something missing in it, but he couldn’t place his finger on it.

“This is a royal hall. Looking at its design and the large throne like chair, I would say this is where the head of organizations would have a meeting.” Xukong informed Lin Mu after sensing his thoughts.

Lin Mu had never seen anything like this, not to mention that there was not a single house as big as this anywhere in his knowledge. Even back when he went to the Wu Lim city, the biggest building there was ten times as small as this.

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Lin Mu could only guess that perhaps the royal palace would compare to this, but even then there was a doubt in his heart that it would still not compare. He looked around in the hall and then realized what was missing from it.

He had also heard senior Xukong’s words and knew that it was used for meetings and looking at the lack of chairs, it was evident that it was no longer used for that specific purpose. Lin Mu then realized… there seemed to be only two people in the entire mansion that was as big as this.

‘So that is why it feels strange. There are simply no people to fill it.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

And as he thought this, the three of them reached the large table. Jing Wei went to sit at the large throne like chair while Duan Ke went to sit on another smaller chair near it. Lin Mu understood what they were going to do and selected a chair to sit opposite to them.


Jing Wei sat down comfortably and let out a sigh that was reminiscent of fatigue. He then looked up at Lin Mu and thought for a moment before speaking.

“Now you can tell us why you are here… properly.” Jing Wei spoke.

Lin Mu looked over at Duan Ke and saw that she was looking at him with a curious look as well.

“As I said, I was just looking passing by and notice a few strange things. I observed them with my spirit sense and found them to be formation nodes. I was confused at first, but then realized that it must be you people. At first, I was just curious and wanted to explore more on the formation, but I just ended up finding a way to open it up.” Lin Mu spoke frankly.

Upon hearing his answer, the corner of Duan Ke’s lip could be seen twitching.

‘What finding a way to open it up, it’s clear that someone helped him.’ Duan Ke inwardly cursed.

Jing Wei listened to his words but did not speak straightaway. Instead, his attention was actually palled towards what Lin Mu had said.

‘He used his spirit sense to observe the formation arrays of the courtyard? What level is his spirit sense that he can even attempt that? Even Duan Ke shouldn’t be able to do it.’ Jing Wei thought to himself with astonishment.

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