Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 196 - Myriad Armament Canopy Abode

Jing Wei thought it over and decided that it would be better if he didn’t ask further as if it really was someone else that helped him, then perhaps they preferred to stay in the dark and did not want to be revealed. He had also come to the same conclusion as Duan Ke as he could not believe that it would be possible for someone that was in the Qi refining realm.

Even someone that was at the nascent soul stage and was a formation master would take a long time to analyze a single formation, not to mention an entire array. It was even more difficult in the case of the courtyard as there was not one, but rather hundreds of formation arrays layered together.

Lin Mu was simply looking at Jing Wei as he stayed silent. Seeing that he was not speaking anything, Lin Mu was now feeling awkward. Wanting to break the awkward silence, he decided to ask something.

“This is a nice courtyard and the mansion is even better. I would have never guessed that something like this would ever be in a small town such as the Northern town. A pseudo immortal tool is indeed amazing.” Lin Mu spoke.

Jing Wei and Duan Ke’s eyes went wide as they heard Lin Mu guess the truth about the courtyard.

“What?! How do you know about this?” Duan Ke questioned with shock.

“I just sensed its uniform spirit qi and considering the hundreds of formations arrays on it, I guessed that it must be a pseudo immortal tool. Not to mention that it is also able to manipulate space.” Lin Mu truthfully answered.

Lin Mu would not have said something like this usually, but he had been suggested this by Senior Xukong. He said to him that this will show his capabilities to the duo of granddaughter and grandfather. Besides, they had always helped him until now and hadn’t actually harmed him, thus he thought that it would be good to develop a relationship with them.

Even Xukong was in approval of this, as he too was at a loss about this world. While he had endless knowledge about many worlds, it was still impossible for him to know about everything. This world also had too many mysteries which made him confused, and he reckoned that it would be better to ask someone that would be more knowledgeable.

The first candidates in his mind were actually the Hei corps, but he later rejected seeing their dedication to their ‘Lord’. For an unknown person like that, he did not want to leave it up to luck, thus decided that Jing Wei would be a better choice.

One, they had already had a few interactions before granted that the last one may have been a bad one, but it was nothing that they could not fix. The second that they had been surprisingly accommodation of Lin Mu for some reason.

The third reason was that Xukong was confident that after the little scare he gave them back then, they would never think of doing anything even close to threatening Lin Mu. Xukong was also suspicious of Jing Wei’s cultivation base and could estimate that he was at the Dao shell realm at the very least.

A cultivator that was at a stage as high as that in a low leaved world should be knowledgeable about many things that common cultivators didn’t know. 


Jing Wei let out another sigh as he heard Lin Mu reveal the truth about the courtyard. 

“So you know about pseudo immortal tools as well, that is impressive.” Jing Wei praised in a helpless tone.

Lin Mu was still looking at him with the same casual look as before and did not react to his words.

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“Um, does this place have a name? I mean it should right, it is after all a pseudo immortal tool.” Lin Mu asked.

“It does indeed. It is called as the Myriad Armament Canopy Abode.” Jing Wei answered.

Hearing the name Lin Mu felt a little impressed. He thought that the name did suit a pseudo immortal tool. He wanted to ask what it could actually do but decided against that, as it would not be good to ask that straightaway.

“Was that all? Is that why you came here?” Duan Ke asked, feeling a little underwhelmed.

She had been having so many thoughts about how things could go bad and she was nervous about them. But now that she saw Lin Mu sitting here calmly and interacting with them, she didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t believe that he had no hidden intentions.

“Ah! I actually do.” Lin Mu replied.

‘See, I knew it.’ Duan Ke thought to herself.

“I wanted to ask you if you have a spear that is a spirit weapon.” Lin Mu asked.

“Huh?” Duan Ke responded, feeling a little dumbfounded.

“Hahaha.” Jing Wei let out a laugh.

Lin Mu heard it and was a little surprised at his laughter and wondered what it was about.

“So you broke in through the defenses of a pseudo immortal tool to ask us for something like this? If those old elders of the sects were ever to listen to this, they would spit blood. Good… good… very good…” Jing Wei spoke in a jovial tone.

Even Duan Ke was astonished at her grandfather’s reaction and wondered if he was fine. 

“So you say you want a new spirit weapon, eh? Why do you want it, is the spirit sword I gave you not up to your expectations?” Jing Wei asked.

“Ah, about that, I almost forgot. Thank you for giving me such a precious thing for cheap. I don’t know why you did, but thank you. And yes, the short sword is great, it has been very useful to me.” Lin Mu replied in a grateful tone.

Jing Wei placed his hand on his chin and stroked his unruly beard as if he was thinking.

“Hmm, alright! If you want a new spirit weapon, I’ll give you one. But first, you have to pass my test, I won’t give you one easily.” Jing Wei spoke in a teasing tone.

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