Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 204 - Ordained

Lin Mu’s eyes went wide as memories of the plague came rushing back to him. He remembered his parent’s suffering and how the people of the town died. How the mayor did not act quickly and many people had to die before the cure was procured.

Duan Ke and Jing Wei were looking at Lin Mu and saw the very apparent change that happened in him. His aura seemed to have changed and his eyes turned red. Even his breathing became rough and the spirit qi in the surroundings started to become disturbed.

If Lin Mu felt the calling of the world to exterminate the invader before, now it was his own rage that was doing it. Unprecedented fury appeared in his heart as the scenes of his parents suffering and dying kept on replaying in his mind.


Lin Mu gripped the armrest of the chair hard breaking it in the process. The wood that was hard and would not break even from a full-strength attack of a body tempering realm expert crumbled like chalk in Lin Mu’s hand.

Unknown to him the aura of the demonic path appeared in the mysterious ring once again. Xukong was quick to respond this time and immediately shouted out to Lin Mu, but still, the same thing as before happened. It was as if a barrier had stopped his communication.

‘Dammit, this is not the right time for this to happen. The aura of the demonic path shouldn’t be revealed this way, we don’t know how those two would respond.’ Xukong cursed to himself.

Duan Ke clearly witnessed Lin Mu breaking the handle of the chair and almost flinched from it. But that was not all, his aura had now changed to something else. She couldn’t help but feel a hint of fear rising in her heart.

“Grandfather, what is happening to him?” Duan Ke questioned feeling uneasy.

“I don’t know, but it’s certain he’s agitated for some reason.” Jing Wei spoke as he stood up ready to act.

Lin Mu meanwhile was muttering something to himself and had his head lowered, his hair hiding his expression from that angle.






Violent words were sounding in his mind and the ones that were speaking it were none other than the demonic figures that he had seen when he received the Burning heart sutra.

Lin Mu’s mutterings got faster and faster which only made Jing Wei and Duan Ke even more worried. 

“Ke’er get back… I don’t like where this is going.” Jing Wei ordered as he then gestured in the air.

Multiple runes appeared in the air and surrounded Lin Mu forming a translucent shell around him. Jing Wei was looking at him with a serious expression while Duan Ke was now standing in a defensive stance, ready to act.

The aura that Lin Mu was emitting was slowly flaring up, but just as it was about to reach its peak it suddenly faded away.


Lin Mu laughed in a hoarse voice as he lifted his head. 

It was now that Duan Ke and Jing Wei saw his expression. His eyes were bloodshot and it seemed as if flames were burning within them. There were trails of tears coming out of the corners of his eyes as a malevolent smile bloomed on his face.

I ACCEPT!” Lin Mu shouted, but to whom that was unknown.

“What is he…” Just as Duan Ke uttered this a massive wave of energy rocked the mansion.

Hundreds of formation arrays appeared all around the Mansion and the courtyard. A multi-layered golden barrier also appeared, surrounding the entire courtyard.

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Back in the town, at the location where the entrance of Jing Wei’s emporium was hidden, the space started flickering.

Jing Wei’s eyes went wide as he shouted, “SUPPRESS!” and slammed his fist onto the table making more formations appear.

The shaking of the courtyard did not stop then though, instead they only became more intense until eventually, a powerful presence descend and a beam of light pierced through the barrier of the courtyard with ease, passing through the roof of the mansion and struck Lin Mu.

“This… This!” Jing Wei stuttered, as he recognized the identity of the presence.

“Wha-what is that?” Duan Ke let out feeling afraid.

“The world’s will… it… it…” Jing Wei struggled to speak feeling lost at the entire situation.

The beam of light that was surrounding Lin Mu faded away after a few seconds as he stood up. In the front of him floated a character. The character was written in Dao script and glowed with the same light that had surrounded Lin Mu before.

Jing Wei stared at the character and recognized what it meant.

“Ordained…” He muttered.

The character then went towards Lin Mu’s forehead and imprinted on to it, fading away the next instant.

“Ordained?” Duan Ke questioned feeling confused. 

Although Jing Wei had lightly spoken the word, she had still heard it clearly since she was standing close to him.

“He has been ordained by the world’s will.” Jing Wei answered with an astonished expression.


A few seconds ago, when Lin Mu was hearing the mutterings of the demonic figures on his mind another voice called out to him. This voice did not have any identifying features and sounded as if it was the amalgamation of countless beings.

This voice had drowned out the mutterings of the demonic figures and had silenced them. At first, Lin Mu was confused as to what it was, but soon he realized. Although the voice was different than that of the demonic figures, what it was saying was the same.

The Voice spoke, “Kill the Invader. Obtain my grace. Avenge my people. Avenge ‘your’ parents.”

Lin Mu recognized the voice was the world’s will. Before it had only put a thought in his mind when he first saw the avatar of the invader, but this time it spoke in person.

Upon hearing its word’s Lin Mu did not hesitate and immediately declared.

“I accept.”

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