Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 205 - Lin Mu's Resolve

Even though Duan Ke heard her grandfather’s words, she still could not understand what they meant. She tried to search her memory and could vaguely remember a record that she had read in their clan’s library. The record was old and was said to have been from thousands of years before her clan even existed.

It was in that record that the character ‘Ordained’ was written. Still, the record was heavily damaged and not much could be read from it. Duan Ke only found that record one day while randomly looking through them. She wasn’t searching for them.

But from what Jing Wei had said and the overwhelming display of power that had just happened, she could understand that it was not something to be taken lightly. From the changes that happened, to the massive wave of energy that rocked the mansion, it was all too much for her to bear.


As soon as the character that meant ‘Ordained’ in Dao script disappeared into Lin Mu’s forehead, he looked at the two people that were standing in front of him. He knew that he had definitely scared the pair of Grandfather and granddaughter.

Even he himself would have been scared if he was in their position and had witnessed something like this. A moment later, Lin Mu could finally hear Senior Xukong’s voice in his mind.

“Lin Mu, are you fine? What happened?” Xukong asked with great worry.

“I’m fine… As for what happened, I now know what to do…” Lin Mu spoke in a calm tone which did not alleviate Xukong’s state at all.

‘He does not seem well. What happened back then was completely unexpected. We need to figure out a new course of plan or this won’t be good for us.’ Xukong thought to himself.

When the light had descended on Lin Mu, the barrier that was surrounding his mind had disappeared, which allowed Xukong to witness the later events. He could recognize the character that had appeared in the air and had merged into Lin Mu’s forehead.

Xukong was also able to see the memories from a few seconds ago and saw Lin Mu’s parents dying and suffering. He understood that this was a huge burden on Lin Mu’s heart and would not go away easily. If it was not dispelled soon, it would become a shackle on his cultivation.

‘He already had a heart demon develop before, thankfully it was taken care of by the ring. I do not want another one to be born so soon. His parents are a big part of him and he will definitely need to take care of his filial debt.’ Xukong thought to himself after seeing the memories.


‘I would have never expected the world to choose him and even bestow its ordainment. Still, this is beneficial to him and is according to his goals, anyway. He can avenge his parents and gain power in the same path. The world’s grace would only add to the advantages.’ Xukong judged.

Xukong then looked at the ethereal altar in the ring and saw that it had calmed down. No changes could be observed, and no longer was it releasing the aura of the demonic path.

“Was the World’s Ordainment your doing as well?” Xukong questioned without expecting an answer.



Jing Wei knew what being ordained by the world’s will meant. He had known of other people that were ordained before in the past and knew that it was both a good thing and a bad thing. But one thing was for sure: a great upheaval was upon them.

Jing Wei looked at Lin Mu and walked forward. Duan Ke saw this and felt fearful for a moment as she called out, “Grandfather!”.

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Jing Wei looked back at her as he gently nodded at her and spoke, “It is fine. Now that he has been Ordained by the World’s will, we have nothing to worry about. Instead, we now have hope for our future.” 

Turning back to face Lin Mu, he came to stand in front and gazed deeply into his eyes.

“Seems like the world’s will has seen your resolve, Lin Mu. I guess it wants you to eliminate the invader?” Jing Wei spoke in a calm tone.

All the fear and uneasiness that there was on his face had disappeared, and what replaced it now was understanding.


Lin Mu took a deep breath as he went over everything that had happened in these few minutes. Thinking over them for a moment, he ensured that he was clear about everything.

“Yes, it does indeed. And I shall do it, even if it would have not asked me. I shall do it to avenge my parents.” Lin Mu said with utter determination in his voice.

Jing Wei was looking into Lin Mu’s eyes as he said this, and could see the flames of resolve burning in them. He could even feel the change in his aura and knew that he had grown strong. It was not a physical growth, but rather a mental one.

“Excellent. We shall help you too.” Jing Wei replied as he nodded at him.

Lin Mu felt a little confused at his words, but then realized that it was probably because of the invader. He had heard from Senior Xukong that it was an innate duty of every being of a world to eliminate the invaders that dared to trespass on it.

He reckoned that this was the reason why Jing Wei had said this. Duan Ke had mentioned about the invader a few minutes ago, and now he wanted to know the rest of the story. He now wanted to know about it more than ever.

Lin Mu shifted his eyes from Jing Wei and looked at Duan Ke. His gaze sent an ever so subtle shiver through her body and made her tense up. 


Duan Ke gulped hard as she felt her mouth go dry. 

“Continue and tell me the rest of what you were saying.” Lin Mu spoke in a calm tone.

Duan Ke looked at her grandfather for a moment and saw that he was giving her a look of approval.


She took a deep breath before speaking.

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