Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 208 - History Of The Continent-I

Jing Wei flipped the wooden plate and pointed at the metallic wing pattern that was present on it. 

“This thing, it is the mark of the ancient spirit tool refiners. Their techniques have been lost to time and not many know about this anymore, as we now have our own techniques of refinement. But, I don’t know what the other two markings mean. All I’ve heard about before is the wing pattern.

Our clan specializes in the spirit weapon and spirit tool refinement, thus we have knowledge that a lot of sects do not have. Perhaps the top sects may know about it, but still not as much as us. Our clan once had a beast storage treasure that had the ancient mark of the wing before.” Jing Wei answered.

“Just as I expected. While they’ve seen such kinds of beast treasures before, they do not know that the markings are a universal designation of their grades. It seems like they have only seen the lowest grade beast storage treasures before.

From this, I can speculate that this world definitely had contact with other worlds. Perhaps even higher level worlds.” Xukong chimed in.

Lin Mu silently heard their words and internalized them. Duan Ke too heard her grandfather’s words and was now wondering what was Lin Mu’s aim.

“Why are you showing us these?” Duan Ke asked, feeling curious.

Jing Wei too turned his attention back to Li Mu after hearing Duan Ke’s words as he too wanted to know the reason.

“That is because both of these items are linked to the appearance of the invader and are clues…” Before Lin Mu could speak more, he was interrupted by Jing Wei.

It turned out that this was all that Jing Wei needed before he liked all the information together in his mind and came to a conclusion.

“You mean to say these items were brought by someone from a different world and the invader was contained within this beast storage treasure?” Jing Wei spoke with a shocked tone.


‘This saves me the explanation, and I don’t need to lie about the great slumber bear at all. He just made it up by himself, still it’s not a complete lie either.’ Lin Mu spoke to himself.

“Yes, it is as you said.” Lin Mu confirmed while nodding his head.

A grim expression appeared on Jing Wei’s face upon hearing Lin Mu’s confirmation. Duan Ke too was worried, looking at her grandfather’s expression. She could sense that something bad was stirring within his mind, and she wanted to know what it was that could bother him so much.

“Grandfather, what’s the problem, what are you worried about?” Duan Ke questioned in a concerned tone.


“I’m afraid I know who could be potentially behind this.” Jing Wei spoke in a tired tone.

Lin Mu and Duan Ke’s eyes went wide as they heard this revelation.

“Who is it? Why are they doing this?!” Lin Mu asked in an impatient tone.

“Before I tell you this, let me ask you: do you know or rather, has your master told you about the history of our Continent before?” Jing Wei questioned to which Lin Mu shook his head in denial.


Another sigh escaped Jing Wei’s mouth as his complexion became a shade darker.

“More than ten thousand years ago this Continent which we now call the Great Zhou Continent did not exist. Instead, there existed five different continents. These continents existed in the different directions of this world.

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The biggest of these continents was called as the central continent, which was ruled by the Zhou kingdom who ruled the mortals along with a few cultivation sects that ruled over the cultivators respectively. The second and third continents were known as the eastern continent, which was to the east of the central continent, and the western continent which was to the west.

Below the Central continent was the Southern wild continent which was covered with endless jungles and deserts. And the final and the smallest continent was the northern continent. 

All of these contents had their countless kingdoms and cultivation sects within them except for the wild continent which was populated by beasts. Though there were some small and isolated groups of people living there. These continents were separated by the grand ocean, which was filled with danger.

Still, this did not stop the kingdoms and sects from fighting against each other for resources and land. Countless battles and wars occurred during this period in which innumerable people died. It was also during this time that peerless experts were born and many cultivators ascended.

In these endless conflicts, many alliances were formed and similarly were dissolved. Kingdoms rose and fell, and so did the cultivation sects as well. Eventually, more years passed, and the situation stabilized. Though battles over resources still continued from time to time.

Of these battles, the most common topic of conflict was the wild continent. It was the land that was untouched and had the most resources. But because of its location, only the central, western, and eastern contents could access it. Leaving the northern continent with little benefits. If they wanted resources they could get them from the southern continent, but they had to pay a great tax to the other three continents, which barely left them with any resources for themselves.

The other three continents too took advantage of them and employed their people in obtaining resources. Tired of this exploitation, the kingdoms and sects of the northern Continent were united under one clan, the Yao clan. They formed the grand northern alliance and launched a war against the rest.

The ruling powers of the three continents took them lightly since they considered them to be weak. But this was a big mistake, and they lost harshly. Alarmed by this failure, the higher-ups of each continent launched their investigation against this Yao Clan. 

What they found out left them dumbfounded. The Yao clan had never existed before the Grand northern alliance was created. It was as if they had appeared out of thin air.”

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