Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 209 - History Of The Continent-II

Lin Mu was listening intently to Jing Wei’s each and every word. He had never known that the continent had such a history. From all that he had learned from his parents, the most he knew was the history dating back to a hundred years and the small wars that had happened during that time.

But even those events he didn’t know properly and only knew the surface information. He was quite lacking in this aspect and was thus very interested in it.

Jing Wei had paused to take a breath before he continued speaking again.

“This Yao clan was mysterious and was never heard of before. They were powerful and had tens of cultivators that were in the Dao treading realm, along with three that were even at the Immortal Ascension realm. These three Immortal Ascension realm cultivators formed the backbone of their power and established their hegemony.

The Yao clan took the other two ruling clans of the northern Continent under them as vassals. These clans were called as the Gu clan and the Bei clan. Both of these clans too had an immortal ascension realm cultivator each backing them.

Now the Grand northern alliance had five immortal Ascension realm cultivators backing them, which was enough to change the balance of power. As they had become the Continent with the most immortal Ascension realm cultivators. The western and eastern Continent only had two immortal Ascension realm cultivators of their own, while the central Continent had three.

While this made it seem like the three continents were still in the advantage as they had a total of seven immortal Ascension realm cultivators, it was not so. The three continents still had their internal conflicts, which only ended up becoming worse due to this shift in power.

When the next battle happened, all five of the immortal Ascension realm cultivators of the Grand northern alliance descended while the three continents only sent four of theirs; one each from the eastern and western, and two from the central continent. The remaining immortal Ascension realm cultivators held down their respective bases as they could not be left undefended.

This battle lasted a day and night and ended in a stalemate, with neither party coming out victorious. This felt strange to the powers of the three continents, and they were suspicions. Their eventual investigations lead them to a shocking revelation.

The Grand northern alliance had actually been negotiating in secret with the smaller Powers of the three continents and the previous battle was but a mere display of power. Wanting to cull dissent, the higher-ups of the three continents cracked down onto the smaller powers that were likely to betray them and even ended up exterminating some of them.

But this was exactly what the Grand northern alliance wanted. Their act of suppressing the small powers instead ended up making some of them betraying them, and they thus joined up with the grand northern alliance. According to their strategy, they built teleportation formations in each of the continents within the territories of the smaller powers.

This tactic of their resulted in great losses to the ruling powers of the three continents, and they started to fall to the losing side. They tried many things to prevent this, even destroying the teleportation formations that the grad northern alliance built by paying a heavy price.

They lost tens of Dao treading realm cultivators of theirs to the enemy, yet it did not do much. For the Yao clan had some mysterious formation creation skills which allowed them to create these teleportation formations in a short amount of time with less amount of resources. In fact, they were even able to build teleportation formations to the southern Continent as well, which allowed them to gain a lot of resources.

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Now utterly dismayed by this, the powers of the three continents came to a unanimous decision. They decide to unite and form an alliance of their own. At least until the grand northern alliance was dealt with. This took them a great deal of effort and many negotiations were held, but eventually they were able to achieve it, albeit with some flaws of course.

This time with their united efforts they were able to push back the people of the grand northern alliance that had occupied their territory and even managed to kill one of their immortal Ascension realm cultivators. 

After this battle, the situation cooled down for a hundred years and the grand northern alliance did not act out as much. The alliance of the three Continents too, let them be for a little while as they themselves were tired and needed time to recover. And they also knew that a beast pushed into a corner will retaliate with its full might. It was better to let the situation continue as it was.

But one day, it happened. Millions of cultivators suddenly appeared on the three continents out of nowhere. All of these cultivators used strange and unorthodox cultivation techniques and skills that were never known before. Soon it was known that these were evil cultivators and had come from another world.

The three continents were now at the greatest risk. Hundreds of cultivation sects and kingdoms were massacred overnight by these cultivators. It was at that time that they felt it, the calling of the world. They then found out for the first time that these cultivators were invaders from another world.

It was during this time that those ordained by the world’s will appeared. Each of the top ten sects now had one person that was ordained by the world’s will, including those from the strongest kingdoms. In total, there were about a hundred cultivators that were ordained by the world’s will. 

These cultivators formed the vanguard and helped in pushing back the invaders and killing. Eventually, people found out how the invaders had come to this world. The Yao clan had summoned them and had pawned off the three continents in exchange for getting to rule the world.

Angered by this, the ruling powers of the three continents came to a big decision. They would strike where it would hurt the most and remove the one thing that was allowing the Yao clan to suppress them, the teleportation formations.

They had decided to unite the continents, literally.” Jing Wei revealed.

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