Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 210 - History Of The Continent-III

Lin Mu was dumbfounded to say the least, upon listening to this. He wondered what kind of power would be required to move the literal continents of a world and join them.

“While you think this is shocking, there are far more feats that can be accomplished by the cultivators in this cosmos. Even creating life is not impossible.” Xukong spoke in Lin Mu’s mind.

Lin Mu was overwhelmed by this information and simply nodded as he focused back on to what Jing Wei was speaking.

“But accomplishing this was no easy task, and a great number of resources were needed for this. Eventually though, they formulated a plan that could be fulfilled with the cooperation of each and every power of the three continents.

They laid great formations arrays in the lands of the three continents, along with the southern wild continents. They tried to keep this hidden for as long as they could, but eventually, the truth was revealed. The grand northern alliance acted swiftly, starting another war to stall their efforts.

And that was what happened. Their process of competition of the plan slowed down to a turtle’s pace after it had reached around fifty percent completion. Another hundred years passed like this. 

The Yao clan eventually grew tired of having their teleportation formations destroyed and decided to try a reckless tactic. They too decided to do what the ruling Powers of the three continents were doing. They decided to join the northern Continent to the central continent as well.

Unlike the three continents though, they were able to keep this hidden for a much longer while. Their plan was nearly ninety percent complete before the alliance of the three continents figured out what they were doing from their movements.

Afraid of what could happen next, they decided to initiate their plan prematurely. Another war was started and in this, one immortal Ascension realm cultivator each of the Continents died. Knowing that this was their final few stands, the Yao clan decided on an even reckless plan.

They decided to destroy the entirety of the eastern or western Continent. While this caused them to lose their benefits later on, it was still better than them losing everything. 

The formations arrays were activated and the continents started moving, this was the time when the Yao clan decided to act. With their mystical teleportation formations, they summoned a beast of great power. This beast was in the pseudo immortal realm and ended up appearing in the Western Continent. It caused great devastation and the destruction of the ruling powers of the Western Continent.

Still, by pitting all their resources and hidden reserves against the beast, they were able to slay the beast, but now before it detonated at the end of its life. The detonation of a pseudo immortal beast was never seen before in this world shook the entirety of it, causing the western Continent to sink into the grand ocean.

During this time, the Eastern Continent and the southern Continent had also managed to join up and unite. They had succeeded in their plan, but at a massive cost. Even the northern Continent had managed to join up with the central continent, but the area where they joined was rather narrow, spanning only a few kilometers.

The ruling powers of the remaining two continents were utterly terrified and knew that the situation was now apocalyptic. They thus did something that was never done before, sacrificing a great number of their cultivators and resources they called their ancestors that had ascended to the higher realm. They were able to do this as they too had gained new knowledge from their analysis of the Yao clan’s teleportation formations.

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Understandably they were not able to contact anyone specific but could only send out a mass message to everyone that had ascended from this world. They eventually got the responses and four immortals descended to this world. 

The day that they descended, the entire world shook and the heavens were split apart. Heavily tribulation lightning appeared as if to punish the people who had summoned the immortals, but it could not do so. The four immortals snuffed it out like the wick of a candle with little effort.

But their descent came with a great price, they could not stay here for long, having mere minutes before they would cause irreversible damage to their home world. Two of the immortals joined forces and created a great barrier around the world that would prevent the invaders from coming in.

This depleted their powers and they could not stay in this world anymore. One of those immortals was the progenitor of the number one ranked sect, the Sky precepts sect. While the other one was an independent cultivator from the eastern Continent.

The two final remaining immortals decided to exterminate the Grand Northern alliance. Their every movement caused earthquakes, and the sky thundered with their steps. They descended onto the northern Continent and exterminated the Yao clan thoroughly removing all their traces. 

One of the remaining two immortals was from the western Continent and was in grief due to the loss of his people. Regretting that he never left anything for his people, he took an oath and disappeared. No one knows where he went, but it is considered that he could not stay in the world anymore and was thus forced back to the higher realm.

The final remaining immortal though did something else. He left behind a prophecy. He revealed to us that there are more powers in the other worlds that are coveting our resources and would one day descend becoming invaders. 

He wanted us to be ready and warned that until the right time came, the world shall stay sealed. After saying those last words, he too disappeared.

All of this occurred about ten thousand years ago.

The world was now in shambles, and it took a took a thousand years before it could recover to a semblance of stability. Still, the powers were all greatly weakened and many of them had been destroyed leaving behind a handful that prevailed in the end.

All of these powers were the ones that constitute the cultivation sects and the kingdoms of today. Of course, this was the same for the northern continent as well. While the Yao clan was exterminated and the grand northern alliance had collapsed, some remnants of the clans were still alive.

The area that joined the northern Continent with the central Continent was now bigger than before and had reached an area of hundreds of kilometers and looked like the waist of a pear. With the smaller top part being the northern Continent and the bigger bottom part the central continent.

Five thousand years passed by and the Powers had recovered decently. Although they did not have as many Dao treading realm cultivators as before. And the number of immortal Ascension realm cultivators had also fallen. These immortal Ascension realm cultivators soon entered seclusion and were never seen again as they had sacrificed a lot in order to summon the immortals.

Eventually, the remnants of the Northern Continent formed small tribes and started attacking the kingdoms in the Central continent. By now the northern Continent was called as the forbidden continent.” 

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