Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 211 - History Of The Continent-IV

This was the second time Lin Mu had heard about the forbidden continent. He knew that the land beyond the northern mountains was called as the forbidden continent, but thought that it was called so because of the presence of strong beasts.

He did know that there were still people living in that land, though. From all that he had heard, the forbidden Continent was cold and desolate. It was populated by the beasts that roamed the forests within it. Even in the peak of summers, the forbidden continent was said to be covered with snow and ice.

Lin Mu could hardly think of anyone that would willingly stay in a land like this but now knew that it was not because of their choice but because of what had happened in the past.

“So you mean to say the recent wars that happened, were because of these surviving tribes?” Lin Mu questioned.

“No, they have been happening for far too long than that. You should know about the northern frontier, right? The vermilion legion guards it to prevent these northern tribes from attacking the people of the great Zhou continent.” Jing Wei shook his head as he spoke.

Lin Mu finally linked the things together and got a better idea of the situation.

“What happened next?” He questioned.

“Oh yes, after these tribes attacked the kingdoms retaliated and pushed them back. By now major changes had occurred in the newly formed continent. The kingdoms were now vying for supremacy after having stayed silent for a long while.

In this race for supremacy, the forerunner was the Zhou kingdom as it had to the strongest background and had the most amount of cultivators. While the cultivation sects could have also staked their claim, they chose to not do so and instead decided to follow the advice of the last immortal that had left behind the prophecy.

They came to an understanding with the kingdoms and decided that they would separate the ruling powers back into two as they were before. The kingdoms would rule over the mortals, while the sects would do so over the cultivators. Of course, the cultivators were not restricted from joining the kingdoms and could do so as they wished.

Still, because of this a delicate power of balance was created, where the kingdoms and cultivation sects would respect each other. Thus the cultivation sects decided to not get involved with the conflicts of the kingdoms.

Eventually, the competition for supremacy led to two kingdoms being at the top. Zhou kingdom of the former central continent and the Eastern Ming Dynasty of the former eastern continent. These two kingdoms had always been powerful and have had conflicts in the past.

Now the situation came where the remaining kingdoms had to choose to become vassals of each of the two kingdoms in order for them to become the Superior one. A hundred years passed during which countless negotiations and trades happened in order to pull these smaller kingdoms under each of the two kingdoms.

The northern lands that we live in right now was once a vassal of the Eastern Ming dynasty back then. This included the Shuang Qian kingdom and the newly formed Black Dawn kingdom. Eventually, in the end, the Eastern Ming Dynasty lost and Zhou kingdom prevailed.

According to their previous agreement, the loser would have to become a vassal kingdom of the other, and that is what happened. Still, to do this a marital alliance was required. The then king of Zhou kingdom decided to marry his second son to the first princess of the Eastern Ming Dynasty.

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Still, their enmity had not completely ended yet. The prince of the Zhou kingdom who was to be married off to the princess had some grudges against them and decided to settle them. 

The second prince of the Zhou kingdom was less talented than the first princess of the Wastern Ming Dynasty and thus had a lower cultivation level than her. In order to get his revenge, he humiliated her by asking for her cultivation base to be dissipated and for her to start over again.

The people of the Eastern Ming Dynasty found this out and were in an uproar. Still, the princess was wise and understanding. She knew that if she did not follow the orders the consequences would not be good. She decisively crippled her own cultivation, giving her kingdom a saving grace.

The royal family of the Eastern Ming Dynasty was in tears over her sacrifice and vowed to take to revenge in the future tenfold. Still, they gritted their teeth and held on. But the relationship between the two kingdoms stayed tense.

Eventually, the Zhou kingdom took over all the kingdoms on the continent under it and became the Great Zhou Empire. 

Three thousand years passed as such in relative peace until when the people from the forbidden Continent acted. The remnants of the Grand northern alliance had somehow united again and had unearthed the relics of the Yao clan.

Using these very relics, they made shrines that they then used to summon more invaders. Over the years, the barrier of the world had gotten weaker and some flaws in it could be found. The Northern tribes used these very flaws and tried to summon invaders from other worlds.

This time though, the empire was ready and so were the cultivation sects as well. For far too long had they been waiting, and finally it had come. They thought that the prophecy was finally coming true. A great war was fought back then, and even I fought in it on the front lines.

My clan had long been dedicated to fighting against the invaders and specialized in refining spirit tools and forging spirit weapons. We were the ones that supplied weapons to the empire and to the sects as well. 

It was during this time that I had my first encounter with a being that was beyond the immortal ascension realm. We were in a shrine that the invaders were using to summon invaders. The being in question was a beast that was beyond the immortal ascension realm and had nearly broken through the world barrier.

Still, with a great sacrifice, we were able to stop them. That was the end of the last great war.

It was after that the vermilion legion was formed and deployed in hate northern frontier. A great wall was erected that separated the two continents, which was eventually called the pear’s belt.” Jing Wei concluded.

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