Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 212 - The Workshop

Lin Mu was amazed after hearing the entire history of the Continent was absolutely amazed by it. He had never known that such intricacies were hidden beneath it and most people did not even know about it. At least the commoners did not know. Lin Mu had even talked with the Hei corps about it previously and even they did not know as much as Jing Wei. 

But in their entire narration, Lin Mu had picked up a few things. The biggest being that Jing Wei had participated in the Great war a thousand years ago and had contended against a beast that was at a realm beyond the immortal Ascension realm.

“Senior, this means…” Lin Mu spoke in his mind.

“Yes… This man Jing Wei has been living for more than a thousand years. Just from this and how he had contender against a beast like that, I can come to the conclusion that he is at the Dao treading realm as well. There is no other way he would have been alive till now. 

Dao shell realm cultivators have a lifespan of about two thousand years, while the Dao treading realm cultivators have a lifespan of three thousand years. Even if he were not a Dao treading realm cultivator back then, he is definitely one Right now.

Still, the question stands, why would he seal his cultivation base?” Xukong replied.

Although Lin Mu had estimated that Jing Wei’s cultivation base was high, he was still shocked after getting this confirmation. He wanted to ask him right away about his cultivation, but knew that it would not be the proper method. He thus thought for a moment before speaking again.

“Then, you don’t mean that the northern tribes are behind this invader as well?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Yes, although I can’t say for sure, but it is the most likely possibility. Still, there is a chance that the invader had been brought by someone else here, but how we do not know that.” Jing Wei answered.

After listing to his words, Lin Mu was lost in his thoughts. Lin Mu knew that the beast storage treasure was used to store the Great Slumber Bear and that the beast had a cultivation base that was beyond the immortal Ascension realm.

But the beast storage treasure could only be used by someone that was a cultivator. This meant that there was probably a rogue cultivator behind this. Lin Mu could also surmise that it was perhaps a lone cultivator from the northern tribes who had released the great slumber bear in the northern forest. But the beast inciting powder was still a mystery.

‘Why would that person not use the beast inciting powder? Or did he perhaps drop it there by a mistake?’ Lin Mu thought to himself.


Jing Wei took a long sigh after finishing the story. Evidently, this had also stirred some bad memories for him that he did not want to remember, perhaps. Duan Ke could see this can come forward to hold her grandfather’s hand.

She gently squeezed his hand and looked at him with a gentle smile on her face, as if telling him that everything was fine now. Jing Wei felt good after this gesture of hers and lifted his spirits up.


“Now then, we should get you your reward. After all, I did promise you that I would give you a spirit spear.” Jing Wei suddenly spoke.

Lin Mu snapped out of his thoughts after hearing him speak and lifted his head to look at him.

“Ah yes, I almost forgot about it. Let’s go.” Lin replied with a slightly excited voice.

Jing Wei and Duan Ke now took him to a different part of the mansion. Lin Mu could observe the change before he even reached their destination. The walls of the mansion as well as the floor had now changed from a wooden material to stone and steel.

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Lin Mu realized that they were moving in a downward direction as they eventually arrived at a stairwell. The stairwell descended into the ground and Lin Mu could not tell how deep it went as it was dark. He used his spirit sense and found out that even at its maximum range it did not reach the end of it.

Jing Wei and Duan Ke continued on, and Lin Mu followed behind them. On the way, he passed through four floors, and even then he could not sense the bottom of the stairwell.

‘Seems like this mansion extends deep into the ground. But how far deep can it go, I wonder?’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

“It should be at the same depth as the height of the courtyard’s barrier. You can estimate from that perhaps.” Xukong suggested.

Lin Mu thought over it and remembered that the barrier of the courtyard was more than a thousand meters wide. If he thought of the courtyard as a spherical bubble, then it should be about five hundred meters deep into the ground and five hundred in the sky as well.

Eventually, they reached their destination after four more floors. Along the way, Lin Mu could see that each floor had multiple rooms that were hidden behind closed doors. He had tried to see behind these doors with the help of his spirit sense but discovered that it could not pierce them, making it impossible for him to know what was behind them.

Their destination was a set of large doors that were about ten meters tall and five meters wide. They seemed to be made out of solid bronze and when Jing Wei opened them he saw that they were nearly ten inches thick.

Jing Wei did not have to do much to open the doors as they automatically opened when they got close. When he finally saw the inside of the room though, Lin Mu didn’t know what to think of it. 

The walks of it were made from stones stacked up on top of each other and stuck together with the help of mortar. At the end of it was a large forge that seemed to be covered with soot. Lin Mu could only compare it to one thing; a blacksmiths workshop.

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