Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 213 - The Spirit Spears

Lin Mu walked in from behind Jing Wei and Duan Ke and then saw that the room actually had another part to the right. This area was hidden from the angle that Lin Mu saw it from, thus did not know that it existed. But upon seeing it, he was amazed.

There were hundreds of weapons in this area. Some were placed on stands, some were hanging while some were simply kept on the ground. While this would not have been that uncommon as Lin Mu had seen a common scene in the other Blacksmith’s, but what made it different was the sheer amount of spirit qi that was in the area.

“All of these are spirit weapons?!” Lin Mu muttered with shock.

There was a wide variety of weapons ranging from the most common weapons such as swords, axes, spears, all the way to unorthodox weapons like hooked halberds, chain whips, ringed blades, and sharp discs. This was the first time Lin Mu had seen such a wide variety of weapons apart from the ones he had gotten from the Hei corps.

Lin Mu could even see that some of the weapons that were designed according to the specifications of the thousand armament blade scripture here. Still, Lin Mu did not feel like he needed every weapon for using with the thousand armament blade scripture as that was not its main aim.

The main aim of the thousand armament blade scripture was for one to acquire the skills of multiple types of weapons and assimilate them into a sword technique. Lin Mu knew that he was not even ten percent through to learning the thousand armament blade scripture, thus knew that he shouldn’t bite more than he could chew.

Lin Mu’s attention was pulled back to the soot-covered forge. One could tell that the forge had not been used for a long time and had been idle since time unknown. It had not even been cleaned, which only showed that perhaps its purpose had been long since forgotten.

Lin Mu curiously checked the forge with his spirit sense and discovered that while it looked mundane and looked as if it was made from common rocks and bricks, it was not so. There were multiple formation arrays hidden within its structure, that Lin Mu could sense with his spirit sense. He couldn’t tell their purpose but knew that they were complex.

“Now then, let’s look for a suitable spirit spear for you.” Jing Wei spoke, breaking the silence.

Lin Mu immediately turned his attention to Jing Wei, who had spoken.

“Ah, yes. Please.” Lin Mu replied.

Jing Wei nodded his head and then went to the section where the spirit weapons were kept. He picked five spears from the area. Some were hanging on the walls while some were kept on the shelves. He then brought these spears to the side of the room where a large work table was kept.

Unlike the forge though, this table was clean and seemed to be made of a single sheet of metal. Jing Wei placed down the five spirit spears on the table and showed them to Lin Mu.

“After observing your style and how you fought Duan Ke earlier, I reckon these would suit you.” Jing Wei spoke and pointed to the spears.

Lin Mu extended his spirit sense and observed the five spears. Three of them had relatively simple designs and didn’t look that impressive similar to his short sword. While the other two were different. One of them was quite flashy, having a golden spear tip with a dark brown shaft that was made from some kind of wood. There were runes carved into the shaft and looked like they would activate when the spirit qi was poured into them.

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The other spear was completely opposite to the flashy looking golden spear. Its spear tip was dark Grey, almost bordering on black, and its shaft was made from a similar colored metal. While it looked like the entire spear was carved from a single piece of metal, it was not so. Lin Mu could sense that the inside of the spirit spear was complex, and it looked like it had more parts than he thought.

But still, Lin Mu could tell that each and every spear was a high tier spirit weapon by comparing it with his short sword. 

“Go on, try them. See which one you like the best and you can take that one.” Jing Wei spoke up and gestured to Lin Mu.

Lin Mu decided to try out the three common looking spears first. While the three spears had a similar design, there were some minor differences that allowed them to be differentiated from each other. One of the spears had a longer spear tip than others, while the second one had a thicker shaft and the third one had a spear tip and shaft that were of equal thickness.

All of their spear tips were dark silver colored just like steel and had shafts that were made from light brown wood that had been polished to an even finish. There were fine grooves carved into the shafts which allowed the user to have a better grip.

The bottom end of the shafts was capped with a blunt metal end which prevented the shaft from getting damaged.

Lin Mu randomly picked one of them and tried it out. He used the moves of the thousand armament blades scripture and concluded that this spear was much better than the one he had bought from Jing Wei before. Its performance was much better than the ones he had gotten from the Hei corps as well.

Lin Mu wanted to use his spirit sense to control the spear, but found out that he couldn’t for some reason.

“You won’t be able to use it without putting a wisp of your spirit sense on it. But you can’t do that either right now, as this is a high grade spirit spear. Your current spirit sense is not enough to handle two spirit weapons.

Although you should be able to use it with your spirit sense later, I think it’s better that you don’t waste your time in that, as you may not even choose that.” Xukong explained to Lin Mu.

“I understand, Senior.” Lin Mu nodded and replied in his mind.

He then placed this spear down and did the same with the other two common-looking spears. He repeated the same moves and techniques he used with the first spear so that he could get a relatively good comparison.

He eventually came to the conclusion that all of them were quite similar in performance and were quite comfortable for him. Still, that was all, they were comfortable but not too special. Lin Mu’s attention then went to the flashy looking golden spear.

But when he went to pick it up, he noticed something.

‘So heavy!’ Lin Mu thought.

The spear was much heavier than it looked like, and while it was not difficult for Lin Mu to lift it; it was still at least three times heavier than the other three spears he had used. In fact, this was the heaviest spear he had used till now.

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