Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 214 - The Effects Of The Spears

Lin Mu’s current strength was enough for him to lift a hundred kilograms easily, with no effort. And if he used vital energy and spirit qi to amplify his strength simultaneously, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to lift a thousand kilograms as well.

Still, when using a weapon this weight became a completely different factor. While weight was an important factor and was quite beneficial for certain weapons such as hammers and maces, it was a different story in the case of weapons that worked more on technique such as swords and spears.

Here more weight did not mean that the weapon would be that much more powerful. In fact, a heavier weight may even restrict the user’s full potential in using the weapon. Thus it was important for the weapon to be well balanced.

Lin Mu could feel that very thing right now. While the golden spear in his hands was heavy, it was well balanced. The weight of it was equally distributed and when he held it in the center of the shaft, it held straight.

Lin Mu estimated that the spear was about fifty kilograms in weight, which was quite heavy to be honest. His short sword was barely four kilograms in weight, and the previous spear that he had used was at most twenty kilograms in weight.

Still, Lin Mu started to use the spear and swung it around. He could sense that there was more to the spear and channeled his spirit qi into the spear. As soon as he did, the runes that were carved into the shaft lit up and the sharp edge of the spear started shining.

Lin Mu stabbed forward and this caused a yellow beam of light to shoot out from the spat tip. The beam traveled for ten meters before it faded away. Lin Mu then swiped the spear in the air, creating arcs of energy that traveled for four meters before fading away.

“Good spear!” Lin Mu muttered, feeling impressed.

“Indeed, this spear is different from the previous three that you used. Different forging techniques were used in its creation and its type is different from the others.” Jing Wei spoke.

Lin Mu was intrigued by this information and wanted to know more.

“Oh, what types are there?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Spirit weapons can be forged using many methods, but they are classified broadly into three types. Pure forging in which the quality of the weapon and its strength comes from its raw materials. Such kinds of weapons don’t have formations placed on them. The previous three spears you used are of this type.

Enchantment, in which the strength of the weapons comes from the formations placed on the weapons. The materials used to make them may not be as durable or strong as those compared to the ones used in pure forging, but they can give special effects and skills like the one you saw. That golden spear is a spirit weapon of that type and can release energy when spirit qi is poured into the formation placed on it. 

The finally, there is the hybrid type, which is a combination of the previous two types. These are much harder to forge and require proper planning and compatible materials. An example of this is your short sword, you must have felt it when you used it, didn’t you?” Jing Wei replied.

Lin Mu nodded as he remembered that the short sword did have a slightly different effect than normal. While it was not as apparent as the golden spear. The effect that the short sword had was enhanced amplification. Whenever Lin Mu poured spirit qi into the short sword, it would result in an amplification that was much stronger than normal. His short sword also had formations on it that enhanced the durability and sharpness of the blade.

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Seeing that Lin Mu seemed satisfied, Jing Wei spoke again.

“Go on, try the last spear. It is also a hybrid one, but is rather unique.” 

Lin Mu picked up the final spear and found it to be relatively light. But he could tell that its weight was concentrated a little more towards the tip of the spear. Lin Mu used the thousand armament blade scripture and discovered that he was much more fast while using this spear. 

Then came the time for the big reveal, Lin Mu wanted to know what kind of effect would the formations on this spear have. There were no runes present on the surfaces of the spear, and Lin Mu could tell that the spear was slightly hollow from the inside.

He channeled his spirit qi into the spear and saw some changes happening in it. The spear lightly vibrated and four small openings appeared at the base of the spear tip. grey colored material energy was released from these openings and wrapped around the spear tip.

But it didn’t stop there. The energy kept on layering over and over until the spear tip was now much bigger than before. The spear tip was now no longer flat, but instead had four intersecting edges forming a cross shape. The weight of the spear had also increased by three times by this.

Lin Mu looked at the gruesome looking tip that had now formed and felt the change in weight. He stabbed out and saw its effect.



The floor underneath him cracked with the stomp of his foot and the increased weight of the spear. The spear stabbed into the air and created ripples that spread out. Finally, at the end of the strike, the Grey energy that had wrapped the spear tip spread apart in the form of sharp blades.


Lin Mu could imagine the effect something like this could have if it was stabbed into a person or a beast, and then the skill was triggered. The effect would shred the person or beast from inside, causing massive injuries.

“That’s not all, you felt the weight difference, right? This spear is essentialy two different spears combined into one. The basic form that is fast and efficient while the activated form which is heavy and powerful. The finishing skill is an added benefit which can be used as a trump card to surprise your enemies.” Xukong analyzed.

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