Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 215 - Iron Thorn Spear

Lin Mu thought over Senior Xukong’s words and indeed found them to be right. He had now made up his mind, he now knew which spear to choose. Lin Mu turned to Jing Wei and placed the spear on the table.

“I want this spear,” Lin Mu said as he pointed at the dark grey spear he had just placed down.

Jing Wei nodded in acknowledgment, as if he had already expected this outcome.

“Alright, this spear does suit you. Though you may have problems using it right now once I remove the seal on it.” Jing Wei spoke.

“Seal? What seal?” Lin Mu questioned as he tilted his head in confusion.

“There are seals on all high grade spirit weapons here. The seal prevents their instincts from awakening, which allows you to use them without putting your imprint on them. But their potential is also reduced by more than a half because of that. Also, considering you already have the short sword which is also a high garage spirit weapon, it will take you a lot of effort to add another High grade weapon as you will need to further refine your spirit sense to be able to control it.” Jing Wei spoke.

Lin Mu was surprised about what Jing Wei had just spoken. He didn’t know that the spears were being restricted.

“Restricted? You mean the power that I saw was not even half of what they can show?” Lin Mu questioned, feeling a bit astonished.

“Of course, what did you think high grade spirit weapons are? Even your short sword is much more powerful. The only problem that you have is that your cultivation is too low for you to be able to use it. Once you reach the core condensation realm, you should be able to unearth more of its strength.

Though I should warn you not to reveal them to strong cultivators easily. High grade spirit weapons are sought after by even some Dao shell realm cultivators. There isn’t much of a problem with the short sword as its strengths lie in pure power, but that is not the same with this spear. Its ability would give away its identity rather easily.” Jing Wei answered.

“He’s right.” Xukong acknowledged.

Lin Mu then thought over his memories and realized that most of the people that he had met never gave his short sword a second glance because of its looks. Even when using it with his spirit sense, the cultivators of the Hei corps while being impressed did not look interested in it.

‘The short sword is indeed low-key. Hmm, I’ll have to be careful with the spear.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

“Alright, I understand.” Lin Mu replied to Jing Wei.

Jing Wei nodded before waving his hand over the spear. As soon as he did, the spear glowed and two circular formations appeared on it along its shaft. One of the formations faded away while the second one stayed there. A second later it disappeared along with the glow.

“Here you go, take the Iron thorn spear,” Jing Wei said as he handed Lin Mu the spear, before speaking, “I removed the restriction seal but kept the concealment seal on it. While you would be able to still use it, the concealment seal will prevent others from noticing its grade. But, know this that if you use its skill, that seal will be broken as well and others will be able to sense the spear’s grade.” 

Lin Mu nodded to show that he understood before asking, “So its name is Iron Thorn spear?” 

“Yes, that is its name.” Jing Wei replied.

Lin Mu thought for a moment before asking again, “Umm, does the short sword also have a name?” 

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“It did have a name once upon a time, but not anymore. Though if you want to, you can name it yourself.” Jing Wei replied in a pleased tone.

Lin Mu then stored the Iron Thorn spear into his ring and then remembered something. He realized that he had a lot of spirit cores that he had stored in his ring. He had always stored them into his ring whenever he hunted spirit beasts, and had thought of selling them later on when he got the right opportunity.

Lin Mu already knew about the uses of the spirit cores and now that he had a few goals that he wanted to accomplish he knew that he required resources. Resources that would speed up his progress in cultivation. 

He was now in a strange kind of a dilemma. On one hand, he wanted to obtain and assimilate the bloodline of the Great slumber bear and on the other, he now had his new goal which was to avenge his parents by hunting down the invader.

He could either leave the town right now and go hunt the avatars of the invader, or he could wait and cultivate in seclusion. He was at a loss of what to do till now, but he teased one key point. The only thing that was restricting him right now was his cultivation base and time.

His deadline was of about ten months before the Great slumber bear would weaken. But there was also a Chance that the Invader may do something else in this time period. Another problem was the culprits, but that was not high up in Lin Mu’s list, now that the Hei corps had stabilized the situation.

If he could somehow reach the peak stage of the body tempering realm before the deadline along with increasing his cultivation base to the next sub-stage, Lin Mu would be able to go out to hunt the invader beforehand and then return when it was time for the Great slumber bear to be weakened.

Duan Ke had been observing Lin Mu from the start to the end and was now wondering why he had gone silent and had a perplexed expression on his face. Feeling curious, she decided to speak up.

“What’s the problem? Do you perhaps need something else?” Duan Ke asked.

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