Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 216 - Twelfth Stage Of The Body Tempering Realm?

Lin Mu was woken from his thoughts by Duan Ke’s question.


Lin Mu took a deep breath before a determined expression appeared on his face.

“Yes, I do actually. I am in the need of resources and want to sell some things. I would be grateful if you would be able to help me.” Lin Mu spoke in a needing tone.

Duan Ke looked at her grandfather for a moment who nodded in response before speaking.

“Of course we can. Now that you have been ordained by the world’s will, we have a duty to assist you. Our clan has been fighting against the tribes of the forbidden continent and the invaders for thousands of years now. We will help anyone that in enemies against them.” Jing Wei spoke with fervor.

“Show me what you have and then we can see what you need.” Duan Ke chimed in.

Lin Mu had a pleased expression on his face before withdrawing all the spirit cores and the pelts that he had stored in the ring. He even pulled out the bones of all the beasts that he had eaten until now. Soon four piles were formed in the room.

One of them was a small pile of spirit cores, most of which were the size of a pea and one that was bigger and of the size of an olive. The pea sized spirit cores were from all the qi refining realm beasts that he had hunted till now and the bigger Olive sized spirit core was that of the core condensation realm beast that was the Alpha steel back wolf.

The pile had more than two hundred spirit cores and was gleaming in from the light of the lamps in the room. The next pile which was more like a hill was made up of all the pelts that he had obtained from the beasts. Unlike the spirit cores though, their numbers were much higher as it also included normal beats in it too.

The third pile was that of the bones of the beasts that he had eaten till now and was even bigger than the previous one. The Fourth and final pile was composed of the other remaining parts of the beasts, which included miscellaneous things such as their horns, fangs, feathers, etc.

Looking at the four piles, Duan Ke was astounded, to say the least. Though she was more shocked by the number of spirit cores that Lin Mu had placed down. Her attention was especially brought to the olive sized grey colored core that had Brown patterns on it.

Duan Ke had already heard how he had hunted the Alpha steel back wolf before and knew that he must have obtained the core. But looking at it, she still felt a bit surprised.


“Seems, like you have plenty of goods.” Jing Wei spoke, feeling amused.

His expression then calmed down as he remembered how he had given Lin Mu a large amount of gold coins. Though he realized he didn’t know how many coins he had actually given him, as he had just randomly pulled out one of the pouches from his spatial treasure in a daze.

‘Hmm, is his master intending to temper his character by letting him obtain his own resources, perhaps? That should be it, though it seems like he depleted the gold coins I gave him already. How many did I give him though, was it a hundred thousand? Or perhaps a million?’ Jing Wei thought to himself.

Duan Ke quickly got to checking all the items Lin Mu had just put down while Jing Wei was lost in thought. A minute later, Jing Wei scratched his chin and spoke.

“Lin Mu… How many gold coins did I give you on that day?” Jing Wei questioned, feeling curious.

Lin Mu turned to look at Jing Wei, who had just spoken.

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“You gave me five thousand gold coins, for which I’m very thankful.” Lin Mu spoke in a grateful tone.

As soon as Jing Wei heard Lin Mu’s words, his mind shut down for a moment before the corner of his eye twitched. Cold sweat appeared on his back and he forcefully suppressed his expression that was about to show on his face.

“Ah, I see… I see…” Jing Wei replied while nodding his head.

‘Did I really give him only five thousand gold coins? Damn it, if his master comes to settle this, it won’t bid well for us. Ugh, I need to reorganize my spatial treasure, too much clutter has been accumulated in it now.’ Jing Wei secretly thought.

Jing Wei turned around to face the wall as he started to think about something while Lin Mu looked back at the goods being checked, seeing that Jing Wei was distracted.

Ten minutes passed before, Duan Ke was finally able to calculate the value of all the items.

“Now then, what is it that you exactly need. I’ll give you the equivalent of the items here.” Duan Ke spoke.

Lin Mu’s first thought went to pills that could help him reach the peak stage of the body tempering realm early. Senior Xukong had warned him before about not using the other pills, thus he wanted to know whether they had one that was specially made for it.

“Do you have any alchemical pills that are effective for body tempering realm cultivation?” Lin Mu questioned.

Duan Ke tilted her head almost instinctively upon hearing his question. She wondered if it was because of his body tempering realm cultivation which was no longer apparent to her. She wondered if he had some kind of injury or had his cultivation regressed.

“We do have some alchemical pill that can help in that aspect, but they are only effective until a certain cultivation stage. What stage are you currently in?” Duan Ke replied.

“I am at the twelfth stage of the body tempering realm and want to reach its peak.” Lin Mu answered in a calm tone.

“I’m sorry, did you just say the twelfth stage of the body tempering realm?!” Duan Ke reiterated.

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