Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 218 - Toxin Cleansing Pills

Jing Wei nodded his head upon hearing Lin Mu’s words and felt secretly relieved. 

‘Good, that he accepted it quickly, we can’t afford to give him too many spirit stones. At least not now, but perhaps in the future. Still, if he wants gold, we can give him that too, we have plenty of it at least.’ Jing Wei thought to himself.

“Do you just want those pills or do you need other pills too? Do you need pills for healing?” Duan Ke asked.

Lin Mu thought for a moment before remembering that he didn’t have many healing pills. The ones that he had were of low quality and were given to him from Hong Luo. Though luckily he hasn’t had a chance to use any of them till now. 

His own healing was good enough for most of his injuries. The only time he actually needed healing was when he used the boulder collapsing fist at its full potential and mangled his arm.

‘I haven’t tested that again since then. Perhaps I should use it soon, I wonder if its power increased now that I’ve reached the late stage of the qi refining realm.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

“You should get some healing pills for that technique. We don’t know if it will have the same effect again. Though I’m sure that once you reach the peak stage of the qi refining realm, along with the peak stage of the body tempering realm, your body should be able to handle it.

And of course, you can’t keep on using the four vessels restoration pills for injuries like this. They are intended for more dangerous ones.” Xukong suggested.

Lin Mu inwardly nodded and agreed with Senior Xukong’s words. Though he also wondered if Jing Wei and Duan Ke had any four vessels restoration pills with them. While Lin Mu was not thinking of getting injured anytime in the future, he still wanted to be ready just in case.

“Yeah, I would like some healing pills too. Also, do you have these pills?” Lin Mu replied and pulled out the bottle contain two pills that had spiral markings on them.

Jing Wei and Duan Ke looked at the pills, and their brows furrowed.

“Four vessels restoration pills? Yes, we do have those too, but not many. Neither of us two can make a pill of that level so we don’t really have a large stock.” Jing Wei replied.

Lin Mu was actually a bit surprised by this and did not expect them to have a small stock of it as well. He was now wondering if Jing Wei was so strong and his clan had a great background, why were they poor and hiding. Another thing he picked up from his words was that they could potentially refine alchemical pills as well. 

“Oh, it is fine if you don’t have much. I’ll be fine with a single one too.” Lin Mu replied in an understanding tone.

Jing Wei nodded in response and then spoke. “Ke’er bring him to the pill repository. Give him the basic qi pills he wants and also some supplementary pills to help with stabilization and healing.”

“Oh, and depending on the quantity of the basic qi pills, ensure that you give him the toxin cleansing pills as well.” He added as he saw that they were about to move.

‘Cleansing pills?’ Lin Mu wondered.

“They are used for removing the pill toxins that I talked about before. Although they can’t remove all of it, they are still helpful. Toxin cleansing pills are also quite valuable and are hard to refine. Unlike other pills, they need a special type of alchemical fire to produce as these pills cannot have pill toxins of their own.” Xukong explained.

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After hearing Senior Xukong’s explanation, another question popped up in Lin Mu’s mind.

“But Senior, if the toxin cleansing pills can be made to be free from pill toxins using the special alchemical fire, then can’t the other pills too?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Not always. In order to refine a pill of zero impurities, the alchemist needs to be perfect and their skills need to reach the grandmaster level. Another aspect is that the toxin cleansing pill are made from spirit herbs that themselves have cleansing properties which help in the removal of toxin during the manufacturing process.

Also, this is not just a single type of pill. The cleansing toxin pill they are talking about is likely the most basic version of it. There are multiple variants of the pill and their generalized name is toxin cleansing pill. The actual name may differ depending on the world itself.” Xukong answered.

Lin Mu inwardly nodded upon hearing Senior Xukong’s words and continued following behind Duan Ke. Jing Wei was not coming along with them and had gone off in a different direction. 

“Umm, where is your grandfather going? Is he not coming with us?” Lin Mu questioned.

“I don’t know either. Though I’m sure he’ll join us later.” Duan Ke answered.

She took him to a different room that was two floors above the one that had the workshop. This room had a similar looking door that opened automatically when they walked close enough to it. But when Lin Mu saw the inside of it, he was amazed. 

A second later the aroma of herbs assailed his nose and he felt entranced. That only lasted for an instant, though as Duan Ke waved her hand and the formation array in the room lit up. Lin Mu could actually see a mix of pink and green mist roiling in the room.

“What is this?” Lin Mu muttered.

“That is the highly condensed qi of the alchemical pills. Such a scene is common in pill repositories.” Xukong spoke.

Lin Mu took a few steps inside and could see the mist clear up. Once it was gone he could finally see the rows and rows of shelves which had countless jars, vials, bottles, gourds, boxes and pouches kept on it.

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