Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 219 - Getting The Pills From Duan Ke

Duan Ke gestured with her hand again and pointed at the hundreds of containers that were on the shelves. Soon some of them started floating up and flew towards a table that was kept in the center of the room. Just as she was doing this she halted for a moment and flicked her other hand, making a jade slip appear in it.

She held it for a brief second and then stored it away again. Her brows furrowed for a few seconds after she put the jade slip away and sighed. She then gestured towards the shelves again and even more containers started flying out and landing on the table.


‘What is grandfather thinking… But he is right too, we shouldn’t take the chance to offend someone we know we can’t resist.’ Duan Ke thought inwardly.

At the side of the table, one could see a cauldron that was kept on a stand. Looking at the cauldron, Lin Mu could tell that it was not simple. He could also sense the spirit qi lingering on it and then realized that it was actually an alchemical pill cauldron that was used for refining alchemical pills. 

The cauldron was bronze-green in color and had four legs on it. It had two handles to its sides and a conical lid on the top of it. The overall design of the cauldron was rather simple, and there were no unique or eye-catching designs present on it.

In fact, if Lin Mu had not known that it was an alchemical pill cauldron then he would have just thought it to be a common cauldron that could be found in the flea markets of the northern town. 

“That’s not any simple cauldron either. It’s a pill cauldron that can be used to refine high grade alchemical pills. That cauldron is no less than a high grade spirit tool itself.” Xukong informed Lin Mu.

Lin Mu inwardly nodded, feeling enlightened at this. His attention was then pulled outward by the train of containers that kept on flying out from the shelves and landing on the table. The biggest place was taken up by two large wooden boxes that were rather plain looking and took up around sixty percent of the surface of the table. 

In addition to this, there were some smaller bottles that came flying and settled to the side of the boxes. Some of these bottles were made out of glass and were transparent, while some were made out of some kind of an opaque material.

Soon, the table was completely filled and there was barely any space left on it. Finally, a green tinted crystal vial landed at the very center of the table. While the vial was colored Lin Mu could still make out what was kept inside it, it was a pill with spiral patterns on it.

‘The four vessels restoration pill!’ Lin Mu inwardly thought.

He had experienced the effects of the pill and knew how miraculous its effects were. He knew that they could be a big trump card in a fight if he ever got fatally injured. The pill was even able to supply him with a massive amount of spirit qi when he used it the last time.

After no more items could be seen flying off from the shelves, Duan Ke walked forward and gestured Lin Mu to follow. She came to stand in front of the table and pointed at the two large boxes and they opened up. As soon as they opened up, Lin Mu could feel the dense cloud of spirit qi rising from it.

Lin Mu’s eyes went wide as he saw the two boxes that were completely filled to the brim with plain white pills. Each of these pills was the size of a lychee and was perfectly round. Just from estimating their size and the size of the box itself, Lin Mu could estimate that there were easily hundreds of pills in each of the two boxes.

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“These are the basic qi pills. They are of low grade and there are thousand in each box for a total of two thousand pills.” Duan Ke informed.

Lin Mu was awed at the sheer amount of the pills and was now excited for the future.

Duan Ke then pointed at a group of glass bottles that also had white pills in them. These pills were familiar to Lin Mu, and he knew that they were lesser wound restoration pills and the other white colored pills that were larger in size were the internal replenishment pills.

He had received these pills from Hong Luo before and thus knew about them. If Lin Mu had not seen them before and experienced their spiritual aura, he would not have been able to distinguish them from each other. Even the basic qi pills were plain white in color, making it hard for inexperienced people to differentiate.

In addition to these, there were more pills. The most particular looking ones were the four vessels restoration pill and another pill bottle which contained two yellow-green colored pills. The pills had a clear differentiation of the two colors into half parts.

“I think you should be able to tell some of these pills at least?” Duan Ke spoke.

Lin Mu nodded at her words and pointed at the ones he knew of and replied, “I know about these three types of pills.”

“Alright, I tell you about the most important pills here first.” Duan Ke spoke and then pointed to the bottle that contained the two pills that were yellow-green in color.

“There are the low grade toxin cleansing pills that we were talking about before. These should be enough for you to use after using the basic qi pills. You should use one pill after you finish using up a thousand basic qi pills. Each pill will be able to remove the pill toxins that are accumulated because of the basic qi pill.” After explaining this, she pointed to three other bottles.

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