Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 220 - Historical Records?

“These are the higher versions of lesser wound restoration pills and internal replenishment pills that you know of. They are of mid tier and have a stronger effect than their low grade variants.” Duan Ke continued.

There were multiple bottles containing the same type of pills thus Lin Mu understood that they were the same and were just stored that way for convenience. Seeing that Lin Mu had understood until this point, she pointed towards a gourd that was rather conspicuous.

That gourd then flew to her hands and she opened its cap, taking out a single pill from it. This pill was different than all other pills and was light brown in color with small yellow spots on it. Lin Mu touched it with his spirit sense and could feel a different type of qi hidden within it.

This qi seemed strange to Lin Mu. He could feel a sense of heaviness from the pill and it also seemed to exude a muddy aroma, as one would smell after rain.

“This is an earthen qi pill. When consumed it releases earth elemental qi that can form an armor around your body, raising your defense. The defense provided by it is enough to protect against a single attack of a core condensation realm expert. There are fifteen pills in here, use them wisely. You can take a pill before a battle and its effects will last for twelve hours or until the armor is broken.” Duan Ke explained.

Lin Mu’s eyes went wide upon seeing this pill. He had not expected that he would be getting a pill like this either. He had not asked for it either, but was happy upon being given them. Originally he was only intending to get the basic qi pills and some healing pill, but these earthen qi pills were a good addition too.

“I understand, thank you for them.” Lin Mu replied in a grateful tone.

Duan Ke then turned her hand in the air and a small pouch appeared. She passed this pouch to Lin Mu, who opened it to take a tool. It didn’t even take him a second to recognize what was inside it, as he could feel the dense spirit qi rising from them.

“While we can’t give you too many spirit stones, we can still spare some. In that pouch, there are about a thousand low grade spirit stones. You should save them and either use them for transactions with other cultivators or if you are in a pinch, use them to replenish your spirit qi stores.” Duan Ke spoke in a slightly concerned tone.

“Thank you for all of this.” Lin Mu spoke and then started storing away all the containers of pills. A minute later everything was stored and the table was once again empty.

“Now then, we should go. Grandfather is waiting for us in the library, he has something for you.” Duan Ke said before walking out of the door of the pill repository.

Lin Mu too hurriedly followed behind her, and the door of the pill repository closed behind them. They went up the stairs from where they came and then walked back to the path of the meeting hall. But they did not stop there and instead took another set of stairs to go two floors up.

Lin Mu now arrived in what looked like the biggest library he had ever seen. The library he had seen in the northern town and Wu Lim city did not even come close to one percent of it. Surprisingly, Lin Mu could also feel spatial fluctuations in the room and soon understood why.

“The room is being expanded artificially using the expansion array. It is much bigger on the inside than it is supposed to be normally.” Xukong informed Lin Mu.

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With the help of the mysterious ring, Lin Mu could sense every part of the formation array. This was different than when he had to trace the formation arrays one by one before. This time it was as if they were showing themselves to him.

The bookshelves were about thirty meter tall and looked gigantic compared to Lin Mu’s height. He couldn’t even see the top of the shelves. Lin Mu kept following behind Duan Ke, and they reached their intended location after fifteen minutes.

Seeing the amount of time it had taken them to reach the location made Lin Mu get an estimation of the real size of the library. 

‘The library itself is probably larger than the entire courtyard.’ Lin Mu thought to himself, feeling awed.

The two of them then spotted Jing Wei, who was sitting at a desk and had a stack of books kept in front of him. He was staring at the two of them and seems to have been waiting for them intently.

“Took you long enough. Now then come sit.” Jing Wei spoke up.

The two of them then went ahead and took a seat across the table.

“What did you want to show me?” Lin Mu questioned, feeling curious.

“I took out some books that may interest you. They have the history of the continent recorded in them and have more details than I can tell you. You can read them to get an idea of the more deeper intricacies. I think that you will need them in the future.” Jing Wei answered.

Lin Mu’s face lit up with joy. He was happy that he would get to learn more and was excited about it. He couldn’t wait to get back to his house and cultivate. An idea suddenly popped up in Lin Mu’s mind.

“Umm, I also wanted to ask if you have books having information about the descriptions of pills, spirit herbs and spirit beasts.” Lin Mu asked.

Jing Wei tilted his head in confusion upon hearing Lin Mu ask about something so simple.

“Yes, we do have them. But why do you need them? Your master should be more than knowledgeable to help you.” He replied.

Lin Mu didn’t know how to reply to this, so he quickly made up a lie on the spot.

“Umm, my master only teaches me about cultivation and not much about other things. He’s mostly busy and doesn’t have time for mundane things such as this.” Lin Mu lied through his teeth.

Jing Wei lightly tapped the desk in realization.

“Ahh, I see! Of course, an expert of his standing has to spend his time wisely. Alright, it’s not a problem. I can give you those too.” Jing Wei spoke and then waved his hand in the air.

Soon a small pile of books came flying towards them and settled on the table. Just from the thickness of the books, Lin Mu could tell that there was a lot of information stored in them.

Just as Lin Mu was about to pick one of the books, Jing Wei interrupted him.

“Oh, wait. I’ll compile them together in a jade slip. That will make it easier for you to look up the information.” Jing Wei explained.

Lin Mu didn’t know how to respond, thus he just stayed silent. Jing Wei meanwhile pulled out a greenish white jade slip and held it to the books for a moment. Soon the jade slip started glowing and runes appeared in the air. 

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