Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 230 - Insult

The men that were following Lin Mu, were now in the range of his spirit sense and he could see them. There were a total of five men behind him, though he was surprised as he found two of them to be rather familiar. 

“These two? Aren’t they the same men who chased me back when I sold the snow veiled hare?” Lin Mu spoke to himself in surprise.

The men having seen that Lin Mu had already noticed them showed sly smiles on their faces with some that were more evil than others. But as they got close, they noticed that Lin Mu had not moved at all and he didn’t have a change of expression either.

“Ha ha! Seems like this kid has gone dumb from fear,” One of the men spoke.

“Of course he would be. Look at him, he’s so scrawny and small we can snap him like a twig.” Another man who was carrying a sword and was over six feet tall spoke in a demeaning tone.

The two men who had once chased Lin Mu before finally realized who he was. It took them a little longer to recognize him, as his looks had slightly changed over the past few months. Although they were not widely different, they were still quite different for someone who had only seen him once.

“YOU!” One of those two men yelled.

“Brothers this is that brat which made fools of us back then. He even made big brother look bad.” The second man explained.

“Ah, seems like we now have more business to settle than before.” The man who seemed to be the leader of the five men spoke as he cracked his knuckles.

“Brat, give us all your money and kowtow on the ground a hundred times, and then maybe we will let you off.” The final man who had a mouse like looks spoke in a shrill voice.

Lin Mu did not respond to their taunts and simply stared at them and their ridiculous display.

“I didn’t know there were mouse beastmen in this world,” Xukong spoke in an amused tone.

Lin Mu immediately realized what Senior Xukong was saying and chuckled in response.

“Yes senior, he does look like a mouse. Perhaps he is indeed a beastman, we don’t know.” Lin Mu spoke out loud.

A vein popped up on the man with the mouse like face.

“What did you say, brat! You dare insult this daddy! I’ll teach you, there won’t even be any bones left of you when we’re done with you.” The man with mouse like face spoke.


“Little brother, it seems like this kid’s parents didn’t teach him any manners.”

“What do we know, perhaps his mother was a whore and didn’t have time to teach him, being busy with other men.” One of the men wearing a grey shirt insulted. He had an axe on his back and had a long scar extending from his left ear to his neck.

“Yes, yes, his father must have been a weak eunuch seeing how scrawny he is.” The leader of the men added.

But as soon as these words were said, the environment of the area changed. While it was cold before, now it felt chilling. All of the men felt a chill passing through their bodies.

They could also feel a malevolent aura that had suddenly appeared near them. They looked at its source simultaneously and saw Lin Mu standing there with a malevolent look on his face. His lips seemed to be moving and he was uttering something, but they could not hear anything.


The men could not help but gulp their saliva, as an unknown fear washed over them. They could not tell why, but they knew the person in front of them was dangerous. Although logic told them that Lin Mu looked weak and young, their instincts were telling them something else entirely.

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The leader of the men forcefully grasped hold of himself and broke out of that strange spell.

“What are you all doing standing? Get him!” Leader yelled.


The rest of the four men finally broke out of their stupor and were just about to move when they heard a sickening crunch.


A wet warm liquid splatted onto their faces and bodies as they turned to see someone standing beside them. The person who was previously in front of them was now just beside them. Lin Mu had his hand on the remnants of the head of the man who had insulted his mother.

One of the men touched his face and looked at the warm liquid that had splattered on it.

“Blood?” The man spoke in a daze.

The remaining four men were now stuck in a strange daze as they could not understand what had just happened. One moment they were standing here all fine, and Lin Mu was far ahead of them. But now he was near them and their companion’s head seemed to have been crushed.

Lin Mu stayed in the same posture and turned his head to face the man who had insulted his father; in an almost robotic manner. He had the same malevolent expression on his face, except this time it was dressed with the blood and brains.

“You should not have said that,” Lin Mu spoke in a cold tone.

Hearing the voice of Lin Mu made the men feel as if flaming steel was being pressed upon their hearts. They tried to speak and move, but discovered that the fear had rooted them to the ground. No matter how much their mind tried, their body simply did not obey.

With every passing second, Lin Mu’s expression was getting more and more malevolent as veins popped up on his face and his eyes turned bloodshot. Vital energy and qi coursed through his body as every inch of his muscles filled with strength.

It seemed as if his body had increased by one size and the loose clothes he was wearing became stretched taut. 

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