Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 231 - Bottom Line

Lin Mu let go of the now dead man and fully turned towards the man who had insulted his father. He clenched his fist and buried it in that man’s chest.




More blood splattered as a hole was smashed through that man’s chest. The trees at the back could be seen and the man’s ribs now poked out of the new opening. Blood flowed endlessly from the man’s chest as he fell to the ground with a loud thud.

The remaining three men had finally been shaken from his daze as they instantly started running.

“De-Demon!” The mouse like man yelled in fear as he ran ahead.

“Monster, this is monster!” Another man uttered in disbelief.

The leader of the men did not have the will to speak anything and was fully focused on running instead. He was at the back of the two men as he was the last person to start running. He had only gone a few meters ahead when he heard a sound.


A short sword flew out his side and impaled itself into the head of the man with the mouse like face. But the short sword did not stop there and continued flying, taking the mouse like man with it until it pierced into the head of the other man as well.

The two men had now been sandwiched together with the short sword as a toothpick and collapsed on the ground.

The leader’s eyes went wide as he saw this and was suddenly stopped in place. He then felt a tight grasp on his neck, as if it was the claws of death itself. He found himself being lifted off the ground and his legs kept on flailing in the air.

“Mercy! Mercy! Please let go of me! Oh, great lord I… I made a mistake. It was those two who wanted to rob you and suggested this.” The leader pleaded with tears and snot coming out of his mouth.

He couldn’t see Lin Mu behind him as he had been grasped from the behind, thus all he could do was plead in the air.

“A mistake? Certainly not. Though you all will be useful. Perhaps, you all would be a good sacrifice for pleasing the souls of my parents. May they find peace in the afterlife.” Lin Mu spoke in a hoarse voice, that was almost unrecognizable.

Lin Mu tightened his grip as the man kept flailing and pleading. But soon he couldn’t speak as his throat had been crushed. But that was only the start, as Lin Mu kept on exerting force until the man’s head was forcefully severed from his body, leaving behind a mangled neck on the body as it fell to the ground.

Lin Mu threw the head to the side forcefully, which made it slam into a rock and burst apart like a watermelon.

Lin Mu looked at his handiwork with a cold look and then raised his hands to take a look at them.


“Even more mess…” He muttered in a hoarse voice before it started to return to normal.

His clothes that had been stretched taught became loose again, and the power coursing in his body calmed down as well. 

“All this because I just wanted to go out for a relaxing walk,” Lin Mu said in a frustrated tone.

“Good… Good… The dignity of an immortal must not be challenged, the same way a dragon’s reverse scale must not be touched. These men crossed your bottom line and deserved this.” Xukong praised in a slightly joyous tone.

The rage that was clouding Lin Mu’s mind had finally started dispelling as he felt the implications of his actions. A sense of guilt filled him for a moment before swiftly being banished by Senior Xukong’s words. What he was saying was right, these men had insulted his parents and thus perished.

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But the next thought that came to Lin Mu made him feel confused.

“The burning heart sutra… it is different. I didn’t even use it myself, it automatically came within my mind and before I knew it I was chanting it.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

“I’m afraid such is the power of the demonic path. Your will is not strong enough to fully control it, and thus it will take over when you truly get enraged. It will take you some time to get used to it and let your will get tempered. Still, you shouldn’t use it carelessly, the aura of the demonic path is not something that should be revealed easily.” Xukong explained.

Lin Mu silently listened to Senior Xukong’s words before nodding in agreement. While he was not physically tired the way he was when he first used the burning heart sutra, he still felt the mental exhaustion from it. He could tell that the burden of using the burning heart sutra was quite high in his mind.

“This strength… it was ill-suited for a task like this. It could have been easily accomplished without the power of the burning hear sutra, this was simply a waste of effort. Those men were not even cultivators.” Lin Mu spoke in a self-explanatory tone.

Lin Mu’s mood had been fouled by this incident, and he no longer wished to continue. He didn’t even bother cleaning it up and just decided to leave it to the Hei corps. He thought that now that they were taking care of the law and order situation in the town, this work should be left up to them.

Lin Mu did not notice this clearly, but his personality had gone under a new change. While it had already started changing back when he received the ordainment of the world’s will, it had now progressed further.

But Xukong was not one to miss this as he basked in this moment.

“He’s finally experiencing the true reality of this universe. This is but the start, I’ll have to guide him and make sure that it doesn’t become too overwhelming for him.” Xukong stated to himself.

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