Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 232 - Clean Up

Lin Mu did not bother staying low key anymore and sprinted all the way to the town center. He now wanted nothing more than to return to his house and cultivate. He regretted that he even chose to go out and wondered if it would have been better if he had simply returned to his house from the very start after he bought the wood.

The people along the way saw him running past them and were shocked, to say the least. Even the guards wanted to try to stop him, but his speed was not something that they could come close to. Before they could even react, Lin Mu had already run past them.

Still, there were some guards who seemed to have recognized Lin Mu.

“The new Town Head’s esteemed guest, Lin Mu? What happened to him?” One of the guards who recognized Lin Mu spoke up.

His companions and the residents who were nearby heard his words and were surprised.

“That’s senior Lin Mu?” Another guard questioned.

“As expected from the new town head’s guest. His cultivation is unparalleled.” One of the guards who looked a little fat spoke in a flattering tone.

Still, one of the guards was able to see Lin Mu’s troubled and frustrated expression while he was running. This guard was actually a member of the Hei corps and had seen Lin Mu in person before and had also witnessed his might. All the Hei corps members that had been assigned as guards were informed of Lin Mu beforehand and were told to report his actions back to Hei Bao.

The guard seeing this immediately went towards the town center. But he saw that Lin Mu was heading towards there as well.

“He’s going to the town center in such a hurry, did something drastic happen?” The guard question as he continued on.

Lin Mu soon reached the town center and swiftly made his way up to the office. The guards at the entrance greeted him with cupped hands as he passed by and let him inside. Lin Mu saw that the door of the office was already opened and Hei Bao was sitting at the desk while someone else was also sitting opposite to him.

Lin Mu recognized him immediately, as he was none other than the supervisor Li Peng. 

Hei Bao looked up the moment Lin Mu walked in and noticed his expression. A bad feeling arose in his mind, and he gritted his teeth before letting out a sigh.


“Supervisor Li Peng, I’ll talk with you later. I have… some more important matters to attend to.” Hei Bao spoke.

Li Peng heard his words and wanted to ask him why he was cutting his meeting short, but looking at his serious face made him think again. Hei Bao currently had a superior position than him and was also a cultivator. Hei Wan who was the acting town Head had personally appointed him to manage the town while she was gone.

Thus Li Peng did not question it further and directly stood up. He glanced at Lin Mu and was surprised. He also saw his expression and the gloomy aura that was radiating off of him.

‘Why is he here? Is it related to the culprits again?’ He questioned internally before walking out.

Once Li Peng left the room, Lin Mu extended his spirit sense and did a quick sweep of the area. His spirit sense also passed over Hei Bao, and he could feel it. As soon as it touched him, he felt a chill pass through his body and for a moment there he felt fear.

‘His spirit sense, it’s… incomparable to before. And what was that feeling… killing intent? What has he done now?’ Hei Bao questioned himself.

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Once Lin Mu was satisfied that there was no one listening to them, and they had privacy, he narrated the incident from before and asked him to take care of the bodies.


“As you wish. You can go rest now, I’ll send some guards to clean it up.” Hei Bao replied.

“Thank you.” Lin Mu spoke in a calm tone before leaving the office.

Hei Bao’s brows furrowed upon Lin Mu’s departure, and he called out.


In a few seconds, four guards appeared in the room. All of them were members of the Hei Corps and were disguised as guards.

“What is the problem captain?” One of them questioned.

“Call a few men, we are going to go check out something. Oh, and also get some guards to look up these persons.” Hei Bao answered and then described to them a few things.

The guard’s expressions changed to serious and one of them swiftly left to carry out his task while the others went out along with Hei Bao. Their destination was none other than the place where Lin Mu had killed the five men.

Upon reaching the site of the massacre, the Hei corps were shocked and Hei Bao’s expression turned displeased. 

“Clean it up, and not a single word of this to anyone else!” Hei Bao ordered.

“Yes, captain.” The Men replied before getting to their tasks.


‘I need to report to the leader. Something may be wrong with Lin Mu.’ Hei Bao thought.


Back in the town, Lin Mu had long since reached his house. He entered the courtyard and saw the wood that he had bought kept in the yard. There was plenty of wood there for him to last a few months, perhaps. He quickly stored it in his ring before entering his room.

He glanced at the mess that was still there and got to cleaning it. A few minutes later the room was clean, but the faint smell of meat was still lingering in the air.

“At least it does not smell bad and is not a foul smell,” Lin Mu said to himself before getting to cook more meat.

Once everything was prepped and ready, he finally sat back down to cultivate.

“Only cultivating will calm me down…”

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