Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 239 - Brown Shrubby Forest Cat

Lin Mu held the jade slip and let his spirit sense interact with it. Upon touching the jade slip with his spirit sense, Lin Mu felt as if a book had appeared in his mind. He thought of opening it and it automatically opened in front of him. 

But upon its opening, he could see nothing on it as the pages were blank.

‘Where’s the information about beasts?’ Lin Mu thought, feeling confused.

And just as he thought about beasts, the pages flipped once again and words started appearing on them. Lin Mu read them and found that they were talking about some beasts and the information was rather organized according to the beast’s characteristics.

Lin Mu could guess how the book worked from his previous experiment and thus wanted to see if it would be effective or not. Now that he knew the characteristics of the beast he was able to find the information rather easily by sorting it out properly while searching it in the jade slip.

As long as Lin Mu thought about the appearance of the beast along with its characteristics it would appear in his mind. He searched and eventually, the book opened to a pair of pages that showed the information he needed for now.

“Hmm, so it is called Brown Shrubby Forest Cats here as well. Let’s see, high speed, brown fur, early to peak stage qi refining realm cultivation and a timid nature. Alright, this checks out.” Lin Mu spoke to himself in his mind.

Returning his focus to the real world, Lin Mu stored the Jade slip away.

“Seems, like you were right Senior Xukong.” Lin Mu spoke in an appreciative tone.

“Hmm, I didn’t expect there to be a Brown Shrubby Forest Cat here though. Also, another thing I find unusual is their number. The Brown Shrubby Forest Cats usually travel in pairs of two to four and keep each other company while they hunt.

They are able to coordinate with watch other to corner and hunt their prey. And if they are being hunted down, they can use this very technique along with their speed to escape the conflict. By splitting up at the last moment, they divert the attention of the predator and they manage to escape.

The Brown Shrubby Forest Cat that we saw was solitary, so that is certainly unusual.” Xukong explained to Lin Mu.

Lin Mu fully listened to his words and made sure that he had the intent to learn properly. Strangely enough, while Lin Mu was interested in the beast, he did not feel like hunting it. In reality, he just felt curious about it and wanted to know more about it.

Also, now that he thought about it, compared to the other beasts he had seen until now, this beast seemed to be the most gentle looking and even looked a bit cute.

Still, a few minutes later Lin Mu was done with his thoughts and was about to get ready to test his skills. But just as he was about to stand up, he felt the bush rustle in the distance. He then saw a small head pop in from the bush and gaze at him for a moment before disappearing.

“Huh? It’s back?” Lin Mu muttered to himself but did not move.

‘Let’s see what it wants actually seeing that it’s coming here even after the meat is finished.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

Lin Mu had already stored the bones that were remaining from the Ash crowned buck, thus there really wasn’t much that would attract a beast here, not to mention the blood scent of multiple kinds of beasts was still lingering in the area, making them avoid it.

Lin Mu kept on sitting in the same position and saw the small head pop in through another bush. The beast repeated the same thing as before and withdrew its head back once it saw that Lin Mu notice it. The beast kept on repeating this procedure, or rather a game of hide and seek multiple times.

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Lin Mu would keep his eye on the beast and would focus on the sound it would make as it moved through the bushes and the grass. This was actually working as a certain kind of training for Lin Mu, as he had never seen any beast that was so fast.

It had been more than twenty times before the Brown Shrubby Forest Cat finally stopped its probing and actually developed a bit of courage and walked ahead.

It first put one of its paws out and peeked before putting another one out. Seeing that Lin Mu was not attacking it and was peacefully sitting in his positing, the Brown Shrubby Forest Cat fully showed itself as it left the bush.

Lin Mu could once again get a clear look at the beast, and only one thought appeared in his mind.

‘Cute!’ He thought.


The Brown Shrubby Forest Cat lightly growled as it tilted its neck while looking at Lin Mu. It then slowly started approaching Lin Mu and finally came close to him. But upon getting in a three meter distance of him, it stopped and changed its focus, looking at something else.

‘Huh, what’s it looking at?’ Lin Mu wondered as he followed the gaze of the beast.

It ended up pointing him to the fire that had now died down and only had some smoldering coals and partially burned sticks left. It was still radiating heat, thus it felt comfortable.

‘Hmm, it wants to stay in the warmth it seems.’ Lin Mu thought.

But his conclusion soon turned out to be false, as the beast did something he had not expected. The Brown Shrubby Forest Cat walked to the fire and lowered its head, trying to pick up a half burnt stick.

The stick was cooled on the other end and thus was no problem for it to pick up even though the other end was still red and slowly burning. The Brown Shrubby Forest Cat turned around and started running away at a blinding speed.

Before Lin Mu could think of anything, it had disappeared in the distance.

“What… was… that?”

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