Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 251 - The Gu Legion

Before entering the town, Lin Mu took out a robe from his ring and covered the Brown Shrubby Forest Cat in his hand. He did not want people to see the beast and ask questions. While it would not cause him any difficulties, it was just that he did not want to waste time on giving explanations to them.

While passing by the alley where he had knocked out the three culprits, Lin Mu could sense the tense atmosphere. He briefly glanced inside it and saw that there was no blood there on the ground and neither were there any unconscious persons.

“Hmm, they were rather efficient.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

He looked around and saw that the people nearby seemed to be slightly tense due to the recent incident and seemed to be divided over his actions. Some were impressed by the strength that Lin Mu had shown, while the others were rather shocked and a bit offended by his ruthlessness.

Lin Mu passed by these people and did not take offense to their words and easily shrugged them off. Ten minutes later he was in his house and had just laid down the Brown Shrubby Forest Cat onto his bed. The beast seemed to have taken a liking to it and quickly curled up against the pillow and slid into the quilt.

“Here you go, little guy.” Lin Mu muttered with slight joy.

He stared at the beast for a bit before deciding to go visit Hei Bao. He wanted to see what information they had been able to extract from those three culprits.

Fifteen minutes later, Lin Mu was standing at the entrance of the town center and was quickly escorted to a different room that was located in the basement of the town center. The guards that were escorting him were quite respectful to him and quickly guided him to the room.

Upon opening the door, Lin Mu spotted seven people inside the room. Three of them were none other than the culprits, while the rest were members of the Hei Corps, including Hei Bao. He took a look around and saw that it was rather plain and did not have anything except for some furniture and the metal chair in the center to which the culprit was tied to.

Of the three culprits, the one that was dismembered had been chained to the chair and the other two were lying on the ground. Lin Mu scanned with his spirit sense and found the two that were lying on the ground to be dead.

‘Looks like they fulfilled their purpose.’ Lin Mu thought to himself as he moved his gaze back to the man who was currently torturing the culprit. 


The culprit’s screams spread in the surroundings and rung in Lin Mu’s ears.

“Please, please… No more.” The culprit spoke with great difficulty.

The other member of the Hei corps that was standing beside Hei Bao looked at Hei Bao before speaking.

“This is all we can get. Any more and we will break his mind, anyway. Better to end it right now.” The man spoke.

Hei Bao seemed to be thinking something, before nodding to the man.

“Alright, end him like the rest. We’ve already obtained plenty of information. This has been our best one till now.” Hei Ba replied in a satisfied tone.

The culprit’s face fell after hearing Hei Bao’s words and knew what was coming. But before he could let out his last scream, a swift blow was delivered to the back of his neck, breaking his spine and ending his life.

“Clean it up, I have other things to do.” Hei Bao ordered before gesturing to Lin Mu to follow him.

Lin Mu nodded in response and followed him back to the privacy of the office upstairs. They sat at the desk and Hei Bao prepared some tea.

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“We obtained a good deal of information thanks to you. They were quite sneaky.” Hei Bao spoke as he boiled some water in a teapot.

“That’s good. Though I don’t understand, how were we not able to find any of their traces till now?” Lin Mu said in a slightly confused tone.

“That’s because there were actually none of the original culprits left in the town. After the assassination attempt, most of them had already left the town and once the results of the mission were out, the remaining members of their organization left as well.

These three were actually hidden members who were never revealed and had not participated in any of the incidents until now. They had cleverly mixed in with the traveling hunters and had been lying low in the town’s inns for months.” Hei Bao explained.

Lin Mu was intrigued by this and felt a bit impressed by their intelligence. But then he realized that for them to be able to plan this far along, they must have been prepared.

“These culprits, did you find out who’s behind them?” Lin Mu questioned in a serious tone.

Just as he asked this, the water in the teapot started boiling and the teapot let out a whistling sound. Hei Bao lifted the teapot off the heat and steeped some tea leaves in it before speaking.

“We did indeed. These men belong to an organization called as the Gu legion. We have seen their traces before a few times in different places in the past, but this is the very first time we were actually able to find out their name. This is great progress and all of it is because of you.

The Lord will be very pleased with this.” Hei Bao answered.

Lin Mu heard the name and nodded in acknowledgment. He then remembered what the men were talking about originally and wanted to know more.

“When I discovered them they were talking about the rest of their members being in the eastern town. Did you find out more about it?” Lin Mu asked.

Hei Bao shook his head as he poured tea into two cups and placed one of them in front of Lin Mu.

“Unfortunately, these men only knew that there were some of their companions there in the eastern town, but not exactly how many or where. Eastern town is much larger in size compared to Northern town due to its crop fields, not to mention its proximity to the forest. It will take time for us to find out where they were hiding exactly.

We also do not want to let them know that were are coming after them, thus I want to keep this mission limited to a few of our experienced members. Once we have gathered enough intelligence, it will be the time to strike and capture them all in one go.” Hei Bao said in a determined voice.

Lin Mu nodded in response and found it to be reasonable. He then picked up the teacup from the desk and took a sip from it. He savored the refreshing flavor of the tea, which made him feel a bit more relaxed.

“By the way, why did you go to the forest? Didn’t you already hunt yesterday?” Hei Bao questioned with curiosity.

Lin Mu finished his cup of tea and placed it back on the desk before speaking.

“I went there to make a new friend.” 

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