Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 261 - Heading Back

Upon hearing Senior Xukong’s words, Lin Mu started to think of all the sects that could possibly be involved in this. 

‘If they were able to attack this man, then this means that they were probably from this region. It’s unlikely that someone from a sect not from this region came to attack that man. Hmm, if it’s from this region then the only sect I can think about is the Tri cauldron peony sect. I don’t know what other sects are here.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

But then he remembered something.

“Wait, I have the jade slip that Jing Wei gave me. There is bound to be some information in there about the sects of this region.” Lin Mu muttered to himself and took out the jade slip.

He held it in his hand and activated it, browsing through the information that was recorded within in. He soon reached the point where it talked about the sects that existed in the region and discovered that in the region around the Wu Lim City only the Tri cauldron peony sect existed that was a cultivation sect. There existed a few normal sects, but they were merely martial sects that had the body tempering realm cultivators in them.

‘So whoever it is, they’re likely to be from the Tri cauldron peony sect.’ Lin Mu guessed.

“You can’t ignore the possibility that it could have been someone else that was following the man. They may have followed him here and attacked so that there would be fewer traces, and it would be harder to track them. This would also inadvertently put the blame on the Tri cauldron peony sect.” Xukong advised.

“Thar’s true Senior. We have far too little information to be able to reach an accurate conclusion,” Lin Mu said in a calm tone.

“At least our work here is done, I was able to accomplish the goal I set. Though it’s a shame that the Dual Circle Ascension vine was destroyed.” Lin Mu added.

He then stored the skeleton of the dead cultivator in his ring as he had intended to show this to someone that would perhaps be more knowledgeable, not to mention that this skeleton was an important piece of evidence.

Lin Mu stood up and looked for the Brown Shrubby Forest cat, finding it to be asleep on the side.

“Huh, so you were enjoying your time,” Lin Mu chuckled as he petted the beast’s head.


The Brown Shrubby forest cat let out a yawn as it woke up from Lin Mu’s action. It slowly blinked its eyes and licked its paws to rub its face. It stretched as it stood up and then rubbed against Lin Mu.

“Let’s go, little guy,” Lin Mu spoke, the intention of which the beast understood.

Lin Mu took one last look around the area and realized something which made him stop.

“Hmm, Senior the bewildering formation array around the area, what will happen to it?” Lin Mu questioned.

“From what I could gather, that formation array was probably set up by the dead cultivator to protect himself when he was injured, and it has been active since then. The formation array should fade away by itself in a few more months, as I cannot see any other supportive formations that can supply it with spirit qi. Also, the Brown Shrubby Forest Cat was able to enter it. That means the flaws are already appearing in it.

Looking at the items we found and the lack of spirit stones, it’s likely that the dead cultivator used them to set up this bewildering formation. There is no other reason a cultivator that too a Nascent soul realm cultivator would have so few resources with him.” Xukong answered.

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Lin Mu nodded in response and fiddled with the damaged spatial storage ring he had in his hand.

“Can this ring be repaired, Senior?” Lin Mu asked curiously.

“Hmm, it is certainly repairable, but I doubt there are many people who can do it. Perhaps… Jing Wei can do it. He does seem to have some accomplishments in Spirit tool refinement.” Xukong replied.

Lin Mu’s eyes lit up upon hearing Senior Xukong’s reply.

“That’s good. If this ring can be repaired, then I can use it. That way, even if I openly store items, I can have a valid excuse. The mysterious ring that I have is not visible to others, thus it is suspicious whenever I use it. If I have an actual spatial storage ring, it will be much easier.” Lin Mu state.

“That will indeed deter some overly curious eyes. Something that’s mysterious is more likely to catch attention than something that’s in the open.” Xukong agreed.

Having decided what his next course of action would be, Lin Mu started to head back.

This time it was much easier for Lin Mu to leave the formation array as it only worked in one direction. It prevented people from entering but did not restrict them from leaving.

Lin Mu left the confines of the formation array, with the Brown Shrubby Forest Cat following behind him.

Upon entering the town, Lin Mu first went to his house to drop off the Brown Shrubby Forest Cat before heading to Jing Wei’s emporium. This was done according to the advice of Senior Xukong as he did not want them to know of the beast’s intelligence as it could lead them to question him about the Dual Circle Ascension Fruit.

Upon reaching the area, Lin Mu saw that the alley the shop was located in was still hidden, but when he approached it, the path automatically appeared for him as the formation array recognized him.

He opened the door of the shop and entered it. 

“Oh? Did they clean this place up?” Lin Mu muttered with surprise as he saw the clean shop.

The dust that usually covered the shop was no longer there, though the items in the shop were still scattered around. Putting this to the back of his mind, Lin Mu walked to the back room.

‘I’m supposed to blow out this lamp, right?’ Lin Mu remembered as he then snuffed it out.

The room suddenly became white and then Lin Mu appeared in the courtyard of the Myriad Armament Canopy Abode.

The faint fragrance of the spirit flowers and the dense spirit qi in the air calmed Lin Mu’s mind and made him feel relaxed.

“Ahh… This place is so good.” Lin Mu muttered in satisfaction.

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