Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 270 - Eating The Dual Circle Ascension Fruits

The spirit qi wisps entered the pores in his skin and then moved to his meridians before being deposited into the dantian. At first, Lin Mu could not sense anything new, but after a little while, he finally found it. 

The reason why he had not been able to see the change inside his body was because it was not there at all. Instead, the change was in the pores of his skin from where the spirit qi was absorbed. Lin Mu could barely tell that they seemed to have expanded more than before. 

The expansion was small, yet the change was still there. Lin Mu cultivated for an hour to get a good grasp on how much his pace increased and came to the conclusion that it had increased by about one percent.


Lin Mu let out a breath as he stopped cultivating. 

‘Hmm, it’s a rather small change. But no worries, I still have more Dual Circle Ascension fruits left.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

“Don’t think that this is insufficient. Even a single percent increase that occurs in an instant like this is great. You don’t know how much cultivators would sacrifice to have even one tenth of such an increase.” Xukong spoke.

“I understand, Senior.” Lin Mu replied before talking out another Dual Circle Ascension fruit.

He popped it into his mouth and enjoyed the taste, after which he swallowed it. Similar to before, Lin Mu couldn’t observe any change in his body. He tried absorbing the spirit qi again and discovered that his speed had increased by another percent.

Lin Mu observed his pores and saw that they had expanded slightly more than before.

“Hmm, if all of those fruits work, then my speed will increase by about eleven percent, hopefully.” Lin Mu said to himself before taking out all of the Dual Circle Ascension fruit and placing them in front of him.

But when he did this, Lin Mu saw that Little Shrubby had woken up and was looking at them with longing. It was apparent that the beast wanted to eat the fruits too, but Lin Mu was reluctant to offer them to him.

“You will soon see the effect of the Dual Circle Ascension fruit decreasing, so you will have a few fruits left over. You can give those to Little Shrubby, they will be quite useful to him and should increase its intelligence and cultivation speed.” Xukong said.

Lin Mu nodded in response and ate another Dual Circle Ascension fruit. After eating it, he tried to see how much of an increase there was and discovered that it was less than before. Unlike the last two times when his speed had increased by one percent, this time it was less than that.

“Looks like it’s already happening… No matter, I’ll continue.” Lin Mu stated to himself with determination.

He ate the fourth fruit and finally saw his speed increase by another percent, reaching a total of three percent since the start.

“Finally, so the effect is there, but it’s a fraction of what it was before.” Lin Mu muttered with a little satisfaction.

He then ate the fifth fruit and in a little surprise to him, his speed jumped a little more to about four percent of the original.

“Alright, that’s good.” Lin Mu muttered as he picked up the next fruit.

Upon eating it, there was a minute increase as expected. 


Lin Mu sighed a little in disappointment before eating the sixth fruit. This time he didn’t sense an increase right away, but after a minute it slowly seemed to increase and finally reached to about five percent of the original speed.

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“Damn, seems like this is the most it can get. Still, I want to try one more time. If it doesn’t have any increase, then I’ll stop.” Lin Mu spoke.

He then picked up the seventh fruit and stared at it for a few seconds. Each and every Dual Circle Ascension fruit was quite precious, and if Lin Mu ever sold them, they would probably fetch a great price. Thus every Dual Circle Ascension fruit that he ate that had no effect on him was a wasted one.

Lin Mu gritted his teeth and threw the seventh Dual Circle Ascension fruit into his mouth and chewed it quickly before swallowing it. He held his breath in anticipation and waited for any effects.

Unfortunately, even after a while no effects were seen, and it looked like he had reached his limit.


“Seems like this is it. Still, I guess a five percent increase should still help me quite a bit.” Lin Mu said, trying to perk himself up.

Little Shrubby was looking at Lin Mu as he ate every Dual Circle Ascension fruit and slight drool had started to drip from the corner of its mouth. It licked it away every few seconds, but it only kept on coming.


Lin Mu lightly laughed as he saw the funny situation of Little Shrubby. 

“Here you go, you eat this.” Lin Mu said, as he offered little shrubby a Dual Circle Ascension fruit.

Lin Mu didn’t know how many fruits it would take for little shrubby to reach its limits, thus he wanted to be a bit prudent.

“The fruits should be a bit more effective on little shrubby, as it is at a lower cultivation base than you. Not to mention that it will still have an effect on its intelligence even if it stops increasing its aptitude.” Xukong explained.

“I understand, senior.” Lin Mu replied before watching little Shrubby eat the small fruit.

Unlike him, who was able to eat the entire Dual Circle Ascension fruit in one go, it took Little Shrubby a few bites to finish it. But after eating it, the effect was much more pronounced than it was with Lin Mu. 

While the change was invisible to the naked eyes, Lin Mu could still sense the spirit qi in the air moving towards Little Shrubby. The Dual Circle Ascension fruit had already taken effect.

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