Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 273 - Learning From His Resolve

Lin Mu closed the wooden slip after he realized that he had been reading it for a long time and it was already the time for him to leave the Sleepscape. But it seemed like his quest for information about the nameless technique of the lost immortal was unsuccessful.

Although it was not completely fruitless, rather he had still learned a few new things. The biggest of which was none other than the poor talent of the Lost immortal and his perseverance. Lin Mu could not imagine how a man who had lived through such despair and misfortune could have a firm resolve like that.


“And here I am getting impatient about not progressing fast enough…” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

Lin Mu wanted to read further and was curious about what happened next but the time restraints were telling him otherwise. He had established a routine that he was flowing with discipline and he did not want to break it. Ever since he got into the routine, his cultivation was progressing steadily.

Lin Mu then thought back the mines that the Lost immortal was trapped in and finally came to the topic of the spirit spring. He wondered if there were any of those in this region. He had already seen caves and knew that there were plenty of them in the northern lands.

Lin Mu wondered what kind of benefits he would obtain if he obtained a spirit spring like that.

“Senior, the memoir mentioned that the lost immortal talent was low and thus his progress was slow. But if it were someone else that came upon the spirit spring and used it, how much would they gain?” Lin Mu questioned.

Xukong who had been accompanying Lin Mu had also been reading the memoirs along with him, or rather had been reading it from Lin Mu’s mind. He too was getting interested in the Lost immortal story and could sense a strange desire for which he could not find a reason.

“Hmm, considering the size of the spirit spiring that was described in the Memoir, if a cultivator with an average talent were to absorb it, they would directly be able to reach the core condensation realm from the very bottom.

As long as they were at the eighth stage of the body tempering realm, they would be able to absorb the spirit qi in the water even without needing to sense it. Once they started it, they would be able to absorb the entirety of the spirit qi within three days and breakthrough to the early stage of the core condensation realm.

The main obstacle that usually restricts cultivators, which is the refinement of liquid spirit qi, is easily solved with the help of the spirit spring as it already has dissolved spirit qi in the water.” Xukong answered.

Lin Mu was astounded by Senior Xukong’s words and wondered if he would have the luck of finding a spirit spring like that, or perhaps even a spirit stone mine.

“The spirit spring should be present in this region, actually,” Xukong said.

“Oh? Really Senior?” Lin Mu asked with excitement.

“Yes, the northern forest has all the conditions that satisfy the creation of a spirit spring. Though the main problem that stands is, the spirit spring is found either in caves or deep underground. Even if we know with a hundred percent guarantee that there is a spirit spring in the region, you would still not be able to find it.

Not to mention, a spirit spring is easily hidden because of rocks and other things, unlike a spirit stone mine which would attract everyone’s attention. The qi signature of a spirit spring is also very faint, and finding one would be no less of a grueling task than finding a needle in a haystack.” Xukong explained.

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Lin Mu was a bit disappointed after hearing his words, but realized that he was obsessing over something that did not even exist right now.


Lin Mu took a deep breath and reorganized his thoughts, which were gating a bit haywire.

‘I should just focus on my aim. If the lost immortal can do it in the worst of conditions, then I can definitely do it in conditions that are a hundred times as better than his.’ Lin Mu thought with determination.

He stored the wooden slip away and disappeared from the Sleepscape, appearing in the real world. There he found Little shrubby sleeping beside him, snuggled into him. Lin Mu gently stroked its head as he heard the gentle purrs.

It was strange, the purrs seemed to be calming his heart and when he sensed the connection Lin Mu discovered that it had become twice as strong as before.

“This is good. The Dual Circle Ascension fruits seemed to be still having their effects on Little shrubby.” Lin Mu muttered.

He sensed the cultivation base of Little Shrubby and found out that it was already a quarter of the way through the mid stage of the qi refining realm, just like that. 

Seeing that the beast did not seem to awaken still, Lin Mu decided to begin his own routine.

“Back to it then…” Lin Mu said as he took out the meat before eating it and then assimilating the vital energy.

He then withdrew the box that contained the Basic Qi pills and popped one in his mouth.

Chants started coming out of Lin Mu’s mouth, and he was thus lost in his cultivation.


While Lin Mu was engrossed in cultivation, the mayor of the Wu Lim city, Wu Xun was pacing in his office.

Looking at his face, one could tell that he was troubled about something and could not calm down. He stayed like this for nearly an hour, after which he suddenly stopped. He withdrew a communication jade slip from his belt and held it in his hand for a few seconds.

“Ahahahhahaha!” A peal of laughter came out of his lips as his mood instantly lifted.

“Zhou Di, your end is coming closer and closer. Soon your entire domain shall pay for what your clan did!” 

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