Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 87 - Showing The Evidence

Chapter 87: Showing The Evidence

Lin Mu and the rest of the Hei Corps were currently walking on the stairs that led to the entrance of the safe house. The stairs were dark, but the lamp that Hei Bao was holding helped to dispel the darkness, allowing them to watch their steps.

“We must be at least fifty meters deep underground,” Xukong spoke.

“We are? How much time must’ve been needed to build this passage!” Lin Mu internally exclaimed.

“Use your spirit sense to check the walls, I’m finding them to be a little strange,” Xukong spoke.

“Yes, Senior.” Lin Mu responded.

Lin Mu then used his spirit sense to probe the walls and found out the walls were a little hollow and there was an empty pocket behind the plain wall. The brick walls of the passage seemed to have been added later to make it look much more smoother. The actual walls of the passage were hidden behind these walls and seemed to be made out of completely solid rocks.

“This place does not seem dug out, senior. It’s actually a cave.” Lin Mu reported his findings.

“Indeed, digging such a deep tunnel would have been immensely difficult, especially in a town. This cave should have existed here for a long time.” Xukong replied.

Lin Mu nodded in response and continued following Hei Bao. Soon they reached the end of the staircase and came upon a door. The door was plain and did not seem to have a lock or a latch. Hei Bao pushed it open and walked inside. The others too walked in and then closed the door.

The room was brightly lit up and Lin Mu felt a little uncomfortable after traveling in dim light for a while. A minute later his eyes adjusted and he no longer felt any discomfort. He looked around in the room and found that its walls were also made up of bricks.

There were three doors in the room, with one being the one they came from. The other two were located to the left and right of the entrance door. The room was a little large and seemed more like a hallway than an actual room. Except for a few chairs and a table placed in the room, it was relatively empty.

“Let’s go, we need to store these corpses in the storage or they will start decaying soon.” Hei Bao spoke to everyone while gesturing them to follow.

He then went towards the room that was at the left and swung open the door. Another room came into their sights, but this one was different. This room had weapons and other pieces of equipment set up on stands. In this room, he opened another door and showed them in.

This was the room intended for storage. The room was much more colder than the other rooms and had stone walls, unlike the brick ones. There were a few miscellaneous items placed around the room, but nothing valuable.

Hei Bao then placed down the corpse he was carrying to the side. The others too placed them down in a single file, allowing them to view them with ease. After everyone was done with this small task, Hei Bao looked at Lin Mu and spoke.

“So what’s this evidence you were speaking about earlier?” Hei Bao questioned.

Lin Mu withdrew the small blood-stained letter he had obtained from his attackers and presented it to Hei Bao.

“This is what I was talking about. I obtained this from the men who attacked me earlier.” Lin Mu answered.

Hei Bao looked at the message written on the letter and read it out loud for everyone to hear. Strained expressions appeared on everyone’s face except for Lin Mu, after hearing the message that was written on the letter.

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“So it seems there are more of these death warriors out there.” Hei Wen spoke.

“Not exactly. The ones that I found were not death warriors.” Lin Mu replied.

A complex expression could be seen on Hei Bao’s face as he was lost in his thoughts for a minute.

“How did you reach the conclusion that the men that attacked you previously and the ones you fought today are the same?” Hei Bao asked.

“It was because of the way they dealt with the corpse. They tied their wounds after their death.” Lin Mu answered.

“Indeed, their target was Gan Ma the hunter before this.” Hei Wen added.

“You mean one of the two hunters that are cultivators?” Hei Shi asked.

“Yes, that Gan Ma. Let me just show you.” Lin Mu replied.

Lin Mu then withdrew Gan Ma’s corpse from his ring and placed it on the ground for everyone to look at. Hei Bao nodded after looking at the corpse for a moment before speaking again.

“You also said that the guards were involved in this. What did you mean by that?” Hei Bao questioned.

“Yes, the vice-captain of the town’s guards Han Xu was one of the persons that attacked me.” Lin Mu answered.

Seeing that the people were still a little reluctant, Lin Mu decided to just show them all of the corpses of the attackers. If Lin Mu withdrawing the corpse of Gan Ma did not move the Hei corps at the start, him bringing out six more corpses definitely shocked them.

Before this only Hei Wen and Hei Bao knew about Lin Mu’s spatial treasure, but now with him withdrawing the corpses, everyone here knew that he had a high-quality spatial treasure. Their looks towards him seemed to be filled with a mix of shock, awe, and fear.

Lin Mu could understand the shock, but not the awe and fear.

“It seems they fear your status,” Xukong spoke.

“My status?” Lin Mu questioned.

“They probably developed a misunderstanding after seeing you have a spatial treasure. They should be pretty rare in a low-level world like this after all.” Xukong answered.

“Use this misunderstanding to your advantage,” Xukong added before going silent again.

“As you wish, senior.” Lin Mu responded in his mind.

Though after seeing the condition of the corpses Lin Mu withdrew, the expressions of the people became more dreadful. Especially after seeing the corpse that had a huge hole in his chest, which was caused by Lin Mu using the boulder collapsing fist.

‘What did this kid do to inflict such a huge hole. It was as if it exploded from the inside.’ Hei Wen thought.

The members of the Hei Corps had seen a lot of gruesome sights, but even for them, the level of carnage Lin Mu inflicted was a little too much to digest.

‘If what Hei Wen said is true, then this kid should already be at the Peak stage of the Qi refining realm.’ Hei Bao thought as he swallowed his saliva.

Forcibly calming himself down, Hei Bao spoke again.

“Okay, so what more do we know? Does anyone else have something to add?” Hei Bao asked.

Hei Shi then reported the clues that she had found outside the town, on the route towards the northern forest.

“Umm… I think that was caused by me. That’s the place where I fought these men.” Lin Mu Spoke with an awkward tone.

A fallen expression could be seen on Hei Shi’s face as she sighed but did not speak anything. The other members also reported their findings, but none of them were considered to be significant or useful for Hei Bao.

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Though Lin Mu caught onto some words that one of the members of Hei Corps had said. He had reported that a black market shipment that was being smuggled recently disappeared. He said that the contents of it were likely to be some kind of prohibited substances.

“Could it be the Memory Confounding poison?” Lin Mu muttered.

Hei Shi who was standing beside Lin Mu, heard his words and spoke,

“Wait, Memory confounding poison. Why do you think it is that?”

“Oh, I found a vial on one of the attackers.” Lin Mu replied casually while withdrawing the said vial from his ring.

Everyone took a step back in sync upon seeing the vial in Lin Mu’s hand.

“Of course! The disappearance of them mercenaries from their camp. They were affected by the memory confounding poison.” One of the men of the Hei corpse exclaimed.

“Well, that solves some part of the mystery for us at least.” Hei Bao spoke with a slightly relieved tone.

“We should wait till the morning. The higher-ups should be coming soon.” Hei Bao spoke.

“Yeah, they should be able to find something on these corpses, something that we missed.” Wei Shi added.

Seeing that everyone was agreeing, Lin Mu went with the flow.

“So what do I do now? I still want some answers from your superiors.” Lin Mu spoke with a straight tone.

“I already know that. After the higher-ups come in the morning, I’ll inform them of your request.” Hei Bao replied.

‘Though I think the lord will be personally interested in you now.’ Hei Bao spoke internally.

Hei Bao then gestured for everyone to disperse. Hei Wen looked at Lin Mu and spoke,

“Follow me. I’ll show you a place to rest.”

Lin Mu nodded and followed Hei Wen to another room.

“Seems like someone is targeting the cultivators in the town.” Lin Mu casually spoke while walking with Hei Wen.

“We suspected that too initially, but seeing the evidence, I guess we confirmed it. Nearly all of the cultivators of northern town are gone now.” Hei Wen replied.

“Oh no, not all. There’s still Old man Jing Wei.” Lin Mu subconsciously spoke.


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