Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 91 - Briefing The Leader

Chapter 91: Briefing The Leader

Hei Bao inwardly sighed with relief upon seeing the veiled woman who had just entered the safe house. 

‘Finally, she’s here.’ Hei Bao thought.

Hei Bao had been extremely stressed ever since last night’s events. He had experienced one shock after the other and was becoming more and more worried. Their investigations were not bearing fruit for a while, but now that they actually had some leads, it just seemed like a mountain fell on his mind.

It started with the emergency signal called by Hei Wen, then the appearance of the culprit’s corpses, after was that the surprise of Lin Mu’s status and then finally the incident with Hei Wen this morning. Hei Bao felt that everything was occurring too fast and it was beyond his capacity to handle the alone.

Hei Bao walked forward and greeted the Veiled woman personally.

“Greetings leader. We have been waiting for your arrival.” Hei Bao spoke.

“So what was the emergency for which you have summoned me here?” The Veiled woman coldly asked.

Hei Bao took a deep breath before speaking again,

“I’m afraid we have more than one issue that needs to be addressed.”

“If you may please.” Hei Bao added while gesturing towards the other room.

The veiled woman did not speak anything, but simply followed Hei Bao’s lead. Hei Bao brought her to the locked room, which he opened to let her inside. This was the same room where the plates which were used to send an emergency signal were kept in. These plates were very precious, thus were kept securely locked in this room, which also served as a meeting room for important matters.

The room was fifteen meters long and ten meters wide in size. It had a tall ceiling, from which multiple lamps were hanging. There were also some vents that were at top of the room, which supplied fresh air to it.

On one side of the room, there were multiple tables on which the rectangular metal plates were kept. These plates hung from a stand each and had a circular cutout in it. This circular metal disk would start spinning whenever an emergency signal was triggered.

The veiled woman looked towards the rectangular plates and quickly spotted the one plate whose inner disk was not in the right place. Hei Bao noticed this and quickly spoke,

“It was Hei Wen who used the distress whistle to trigger the emergency signal.”

The veiled woman looked towards Hei Bao and continued following him to the large table that was kept on the other end of the room. She then sat down at its helm, on a large and comfortable chair before speaking.

“So is Hei Wen fine now?” The veiled woman asked.

“He was when we originally returned last night, but today in the morning there was an incident.” Hei Bao answered.

“What kind of an incident?” The Veiled woman questioned.

Hei Bao took a deep breath and thought about everything for a second before starting his explanation. He knew that it was going to be long and winded, thus wanted to get all his thoughts in order first. The veiled woman waited patiently in silence, for she trusted her subordinates.

Hei Bao then started explaining all of the events of yesterday. His explanation lasted for a good fifteen minutes and he added every minor thing during it as he didn’t want to miss anything. He knew about his leader’s capabilities, thus knew that the more thorough he was in his explanation, the more concise conclusion she would reach.

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After finishing his explanation, Hei Bao took another deep breath and stopped. The veiled woman also went silent and thought for five minutes before speaking again.

“I would like to see the corpses of the culprits and also the evidence you had found.” 

Hei Bao nodded and retrieved the blood-stained piece of paper from his pocket before passing it to the leader. She looked at the paper and read it quickly before analyzing it’s every inch. She even smelt it for a moment just to get an accurate judgment.

“Let’s go and see the corpses now.” The Veiled woman ordered.

“Yes, leader.” Hei Bao replied politely.

Hei Bao then guided the veiled woman to the storage room where the dead bodies of the culprits were stored. As soon as they reached the cold room, the woman approached the bodies. Hei Bao suddenly felt a certain wave pass through and understood that it was just the spirit sense probe of the veiled woman.

The veiled woman did not touch any of the bodies, but instead just scanned them with her spirit sense. She seemed to have frowned for a moment, but it wasn’t visible under her veil. A minute later, she was done with the observations.

“They are death warriors, low-level ones, but death warriors indeed.” The veiled woman concluded.

“We can also confirm that the town guards may be involved in this. From now on, all the town guards are to be closely investigated.” The veiled woman added.

“Leader, the boy named Lin Mu also wants to meet you.” Hei Bao spoke with bated breath.

“Yes, I want to meet this boy as well. The lord is especially interested in him.” The veiled woman replied with a little interest in her voice.

“Leader, I’m afraid that we may be going beyond our limits with that boy. I can tell with a great surety that he is a category four party.” Hei Bao seriously spoke.

The Veiled woman’s pupils widened underneath her veil.

“That boy also knows about the other category four-party in the town; Old man Jing.” Hei Bao added.

If the veiled woman’s shock was hidden because of her veil at first, now it was completely revealed as even Hei Bao could hear her breath getting rough. He could swear that he even saw her tremble for a brief moment.

“Do you have an estimate about his cultivation base?” The veiled woman questioned.

“I did not dare confirm it myself, but Hei Wen is sure that it should be at the peak of the Qi refining realm as the boy has refined his spirit sense as well. We also witnessed the carnage he had caused. All the bodies that you see here are his handiwork.” Hei Bao explained.

“He… he… he has skills that are rather strange and terrifying, Hei Wen seemed to have experienced it and has become very disturbed because of it.” He added.

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