Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 98 - The Vice-Captain's Orders

Chapter 98 – The Vice-Captain’s Orders

Lin Mu had seen the captain of the town guards a few times before, thus knew what he looked like. But when looked at the vice-captain, he was surprised. This vice-captain was not the one that he knew. Of the two vice-captains, Lin Mu had killed one, and the other was alive, but this person was not the same one.

“Who’s this person?” Lin Mu muttered.

The captain and vice-captain seem to be discussing amongst themselves when they were walking outside. When they finally came in front of the crowd, only did they stop. They scanned the crowd with their eyes and gauge it.

Lin Mu knew that they may use spirit sense, thus he stood at a far enough distance such that it won’t reach him. Though he himself wanted to use his spirit sense to observe the cultivation base of the two people.

“Residents of Northern town.” The captain spoke in a loud voice, which silenced the muttering crowd.

“We have heard your complaints and concerns. We have also done a preliminary investigation of last night’s incident. The Town head has also listened to it and has decided on a course of action…” The captain spoke and was then interrupted by the crowd.

“What do you mean complaints and concerns! This is a threat to our life.” People from the crowd shouted.

“Yeah, we had to make our own night vigil because the town head didn’t agree to assign guards.”

“You people only found out because of the night vigil. If they were not there who knows what would have happened.”

The crowd could no longer keep silent and everyone started shouting. The captain could be seen getting more and more tense with each passing moment. But it was now that Lin Mu saw something that pulled his attention.

The vice-captain that was standing beside the caption was not getting tense. Instead, he seemed to be getting annoyed instead.

“SILENCE!” The vice-captain shouted.

“One more word and we shall arrest all who defy.” The vice-captain declared.

The crowd went silent for a moment from the vice captain’s shout and then erupted in an even greater uproar.

“You can’t do that.”

“We are not in the wrong here, you are.”

The people from the crowd hooted.


Suddenly a cracking sound was heard, as the vice-captain disappeared from his position.


“MY ARMMM!!” shouted the man who had protested.

The vice-captain was standing above him and had his leg placed on the man’s arm. From the awkward angle, it was bent at, one could tell that it was broken, if not from the painful shouts of the man.

“Anyone else?” The vice-captain spoke with a domineering voice.

The people were stunned upon seeing this act. Soon fear replaced their stunned expressions, and they stepped back a few steps.

Even the captain of the guards seems to be shocked by the vice-captain’s actions. He quickly came towards the vice-captain and spoke to him.

“Why did you do this? This was too harsh.” The captain said with concern.


“These people will not understand unless we make an example.” The vice-captain spoke after harrumphing loudly.

The Vice-captain then lifted his leg from the injured man’s arm and walked back. The captain too followed him.

“Now listen to this with all your attention, because I’m only going to say it once.” The vice-captain spoke.

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The people in the crowd all gulped and listened with intent. The vice-captain nodded with a little satisfaction and looked at the captain with a smug look. The captain did not speak anything and just sighed.

“From today onwards, no one is to leave their houses at night under any conditions. The guards will be patrolling at night and if anyone is found wandering out at night, they will be arrested on the spot.” The vice-captain spoke.

The vice-captain then took a pause and looked around in the crowd.

“We suspect that the culprits of last night’s incident may be one of the townspeople, thus if we find anyone wandering out in the night they will be arrested without any excuses and sent to prison.” The Vice-captain added.

The people in the crowd became even more fearful after hearing the orders and gulped. After this, the captain came forward and placed his hand on the vice-captain’s shoulder.

“Fear not though, as long as everyone follows the orders they will all be safe.” The captain spoke in an assuring tone.

The crowd finally calmed down a little bit after hearing the captain, even though it wasn’t as much because the injured man was still grunting in pain.

“Also, the town head has ordered to meet all the people who were part of the night vigil. So all those that are already in the crowd should come forward now and the rest shall report here later as well.” The captain informed.

“Now, disperse.” The vice-captain ordered.

The crowd quickly left, for the fear that the vice-captain stuck had in their hearts was still fresh. Lin Mu was feeling incredibly suspicious of all the words that the captain and vice-captain of the town guards spoke.

Though the most suspicion he had was on the vice-captain. He did not know this person who had suddenly popped out of nowhere and had also become so domineering. The town guards had never behaved like this before. Sure, they were overbearing sometimes, but never as much as the vice-captain.

Lin Mu was standing a little distance away from the crowd, so the captains had not seen him yet. He then stopped a random person who was walking by and spoke to him.

“Brother, do you know who that vice-captain is?” Lin Mu asked the man.

“That’s the new vice-captain of the town guards. His name is Han Lei.” The man answered.

‘Han Lei? Is he related to the Han Xu somehow?’ Lin Mu thought.

“Why was the vice-captain replaced though, and where is the other vice-captain as well?” Lin Mu asked curiously.

Lin Mu wanted to know what the people knew about Han Xu after he had killed him. He also wanted to know why the other vice-captain was replaced, as he certainly seemed to be someone with a higher authority. Even the captain did not dare to stop him when he acted and just spoke a few measly words after he injured the man in the crowd.

“Oh, you didn’t hear? Vice-captain Han Xu disappeared after the spirit beast attack. Most people think that he was eaten. Because of this, the other vice-captain went to investigate the matter and got injured in the process as well. He was then promptly sent to Wu Lim city for treatment.” The Man answered.

“Then where is this Han Lei from?” Lin Mu asked.

“Oh, he is former vice-captain Han Xu’s elder brother, who came here from Wu Lim city as his replacement.” The man spoke.

“Wait, doesn’t this mean there should be an additional vice-captain then?” Lin Mu questioned.

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“There is, but I don’t know who it is. We haven’t seen him yet.” The man answered.

Lin Mu nodded to the man’s reply and thanked him before leaving.

“This is extremely strange.” Lin Mu spoke in his mind.

“Seems like the people behind the incident are making their move. The town head declaring a curfew like this is probably due to their intentions.” Xukong speculated.

“That seems like it senior. If they are able to order the town head, then this means that he is involved in it too. Han Lei being Han Xu’s brother leaves little doubts as well.” Lin Mu replied.

“How should we approach this now? I’m supposed to help Hong Luo at night and they have told all the members of night vigil to report as well. This seems extremely suspicious.” Lin Mu asked.

“Perhaps you should consult your new allies. The rest, I’ll leave it up to you. You need to learn how to judge situations like these yourself and make your own decisions.” Xukong spoke in a calm tone.

Lin Mu did not mind senior Xukong’s words and took them in a good stride. He knew that he was only doing to help him learn and grow.

‘Seems like I can’t meet the Night vigil members for now. It would only complicate things further.’ Lin Mu thought.

Lin Mu decide to walk back to the safe house of the Hei corps instead of his own as there was a chance that some people may spot him in the residential district. He reached the safe house after thirty minutes and saw that the carriage was no longer there in the alley.

Lin Mu knocked on the door and waited for it to open. It had been a little more than two hours since Lin Mu had left the safe house, thus the people in the safe house were not expecting him to return this fast. The door of the safe house was opened by the old woman who saw him and let him inside.

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